Adjectives for Claim

Adjectives For Claim

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing claim, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a claim can subtly shift its perceived validity and urgency. A such claim might suggest commonality or redundancy, whereas a legal claim immediately introduces the concept of law and rights. A prior claim hints at precedence and potential conflict, while a strong claim conveys confidence and likelihood of acceptance. The term legitimate claim strengthens the claim’s validity, emphasizing its rightful place. The word only can either isolate the claim as unique or minimize its importance. Each adjective paints a different shade of credibility, urgency, and relevancy. Dive deeper into how these and other adjectives unfold the nuances of the noun claim, revealing layers of meaning and intention.
suchHer blog post made such claim that the government was hiding the truth about aliens.
legalHe is a lawyer who has experience in legal claims.
priorI have a prior claim to the property.
strongThis is a strong claim and I will not back down from it.
legitimateThe company had a legitimate claim to the property.
onlyHe only claimed two-thirds of the damages he was awarded.
validThe company's valid claim to the property was upheld by the court.
betterThe jury found that the plaintiff did not have a better claim to the property.
moralThe author presents a moral claim that all human beings deserve to be treated with respect.
specialThe special claim was filed with the court.
furtherThe testimony, he said, supports the further claim that the senator was told in advance about the espionage.
similarThe similar claim has been rejected.
falseThe false claim was debunked by the fact-checking website.
equalStudents who work hard have an equal claim to success.
strongerHe made a stronger claim than the first one.
chiefThe popular sentiment that the traditional family model is harmful or irrelevant is the chief claim of feminists holding the poststructuralist perspective.
counterThe counter claim that the data was incomplete was dismissed by the judge.
originalThe public must accept the original claim that this ambitious scheme is essentially benign.
centralThe central claim of the article is that artificial intelligence will revolutionize the way we live and work.
latterThe latter claim however, is questionable.
exclusiveThe company made an exclusive claim to the rights to the patent.
justHe has a just claim to the estate.
laidThey laid claim to the land that had been theirs for generations.
rightfulThe rightful claim to the throne passed to the eldest son.
britishThe British claim that they discovered the Americas.
territorialChina's territorial claim in the South China Sea has been disputed by several countries.
adverseThe defendant's adverse claim was dismissed by the court.
longerHe made a longer claim that his opponent was lying.
empiricalThe empirical claim that the Earth is round is supported by evidence from many different sources.
strongestThis is the strongest claim I have ever heard.
greatestHer greatest claim to fame was her daring escape from prison.
earlierThe earlier claim that the company was profitable was proven false.
fairI have a fair claim to the throne.
formalThe formal claim was made by the lawyer to the court.
boldThe CEO made a bold claim about the company's future growth.
hereditaryThe hereditary claim of the Duke of York provoked a dispute.
modestThe scientist made a modest claim that their new theory could revolutionize the field.
soleShe had sole claim on his heart.
absoluteHis absolute claim to the throne was widely accepted.
superiorThe new technology can be used to prove the superior claim of the product.
constitutionalThe court rejected the plaintiff's constitutional claim that the law violated his right to free speech.
universalThe universal claim is that all people are created equal.
reasonableShe made a reasonable claim about the situation.
equitableThe court ruled that she had an equitable claim to the property.
slightestI do not believe she has the slightest claim to the property.
successfulThe successful claim was awarded to the plaintiff.
plausibleShe made a plausible claim that her car was stolen.
disputedThe disputed claim has not been settled yet.

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