Adjectives for Claims

Adjectives For Claims

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing claims, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of discourse, the word 'claims' is often accompanied by a diverse range of adjectives that can subtly or dramatically alter its meaning. From 'such' to 'territorial', each adjective paints a distinct picture, evoking varied emotional and logical responses. 'Conflicting' and 'rival' adjectives hint at contention and competition, while 'false' and 'extravagant' suggest deceit and exaggeration. The choice of adjective not only colors the claim but also positions the speaker's stance, making it a powerful tool in shaping perception and argument. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with the word 'claims' to unlock deeper insights and enhance your linguistic arsenal.
suchPoliticians often make such claims during election campaigns.
territorialThe United States and China have been in a dispute over territorial claims in the South China Sea.
conflictingHistorians have pieced together the conflicting claims of the victorious and defeated powers.
falseThere were false claims made by the politician.
rivalThe rival claims to the throne were finally settled after a long and bloody civil war.
extravagantThe politician's extravagant claims about their accomplishments were met with skepticism.
moralHe is making moral claims that are completely baseless.
similarThe new product has similar claims to the previous one.
legalThe company is facing several legal claims from customers who allege that the product is defective.
exaggeratedThe salesperson made exaggerated claims about the product's capabilities.
legitimateSome nations have legitimate claims to certain territories.
strongThe government's strong claims about economic growth were not supported by the data.
respectiveBoth parties presented their respective claims to the court.
justThe company has ignored the surrounding community's just claims
financialGovernment bodies have been targeting financial claims against companies that mismanage hazardous waste.
civilCivil claims that challenge government action typically are filed in federal court.
counterThe article presented several counter claims to the original argument.
fraudulentThe company was accused of making fraudulent claims about the efficacy of its product.
papalThe papal claims were dismissed by the secular powers.
scientificScientists have made significant scientific claims about the origin of the universe.
validHer prior employer made several valid claims about her job performance.
futureWe do not cover future claims that you have not yet submitted.
historicalThe researcher analyzed the potential historical claims of the artifact.
equalAll citizens have equal claims to justice.
indianThe Supreme Court rejected all the Indian claims to damages.
priorThe company paid off its prior claims and issued new bonds.
theoreticalThe professor's theoretical claims were far-fetched and lacked empirical evidence.
outstandingThe company has outstanding claims of $10 million.
exclusiveMultinational oil companies routinely make exclusive claims on offshore areas in their pursuit of oil and gas resources.
universalThe universal claims of human rights are a cornerstone of modern society.
excessiveThe politician's speech was filled with excessive claims about the benefits of his policies.
spanishThe Spanish claims that they discovered the New World in the 15th century.
empiricalScientists make empirical claims based on their observations and experiments.
contingentThe expected value of contingent claims on an entity is zero.
superiorI have superior claims to the throne
catholicThe catholic claims a purchase of land for use as a school.
extremeThe article made extreme claims about the benefits of the new diet.
constitutionalThe court dismissed the plaintiffs' constitutional claims
disputedThe disputed claims regarding the election results have yet to be resolved.
strongerThe new study makes stronger claims about the benefits of exercise.
factualFactual claims should be supported by evidence.
sovietThe Soviet claims of military superiority were exaggerated.
contradictoryThe witness made contradictory claims about the defendant's whereabouts.
relatedThese related claims are all false.

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