Adjectives for Class

Adjectives For Class

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing class, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'class' can profoundly reshape the meaning and context of a statement. For instance, 'middle class' often evokes images of moderate economic stability, while 'upper class' suggests wealth and affluence. On the other hand, 'first class' can imply high quality or top-notch service, diverging from the socio-economic connotations altogether. The adjective 'social class' points to the complex hierarchy in societal structures. Each adjective, from 'second' to 'same', adds unique nuances, transforming 'class' from a simple noun into a rich tapestry of social, economic, and qualitative understandings. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring 'class' to life and how they alter its interpretation below.
middleThe middle class is the social class between the working class and the upper class.
socialStudents from different social classes experienced varying degrees of academic success.
firstI traveled first class on my flight to Europe.
sameThey belong to the same class
secondI felt like a second class citizen.
upperThe upper class enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.
thirdThe third class carriage was full of people.
wholeThe whole class went on a field trip to the museum.
particularThe students in this particular class are very bright.
specialMy daughter attends a special class for children with learning disabilities.
workingThe working class has been feeling the pain of rising prices.
entireThe entire class went on a field trip to the museum.
betterI think the new hotel is in a better class compared to the old one.
dominantThe dominant class wielded great influence over political and economic affairs.
englishMy english class is on Tuesday mornings.
urbanThe urban class is a growing demographic in the United States.
fourthThe fourth class is in session.
highestThe highest class in this school is comprised of the most academically gifted students.
formerMy former class was very challenging, but I learned a lot.
seniorThe senior class is planning a field trip to the museum.
professionalToday's professional class has a higher standard of living than previous generations.
numerousNumerous class went outside to play on a sunny day.
separateThe students were assigned to separate classes based on their academic performance.
gradeThe grade class is full of students.
distinctThe three children come from a distinct class
abstractThe abstract class Animal cannot be instantiated.
wealthyThe wealthy class has a disproportionate amount of influence on political decision making.
derivedThe derived class inherits the properties and methods of its base class.
largestThe largest class has 30 students.
bourgeoisThe bourgeois class played a decisive role in the French Revolution.
socioeconomicMany studies have shown that socioeconomic class is a major determinant of health outcomes.
subAnimals can be categorized into different sub classes.
superiorThe staff treated the passengers of the superior class with the utmost respect.
priestlyThe priestly class held great influence in the ancient society.
fifthWe had our fifth class in a small room.
juniorThe junior class is taking a field trip to the museum.
poorerThe poorer class is struggling to make ends meet.
aristocraticThe aristocratic class enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle filled with lavish parties and decadent entertainment.
yearThe fish in this lake are from the 2005 year class
landlordThe landlord class is composed of people who own and rent out property to tenants.
landowningThe aristocracy of Central and Eastern Europe, who were known as the traditionally landowning class consisted of landholders and nobles.
managerialThe managerial class is responsible for making decisions that affect the company as a whole.
intermediateI am taking an intermediate class in Japanese.
advancedStudents in the advanced class excelled in their studies.
entrepreneurialThe entrepreneurial class is a driving force behind economic growth and innovation.
propertiedThe propertied class controlled the political system for many years.

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