Adjectives for Classes

Adjectives For Classes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing classes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the variety of adjectives paired with 'classes' can significantly alter the perception of a subject. Words like 'lower,' 'middle,' 'upper,' and 'social' categorize and define social structures, while 'different' and 'various' emphasize diversity and range. These descriptors when applied to 'classes,' whether referencing social strata or educational sessions, enhance the descriptive depth, providing clearer insights and understanding. The nuances introduced by these adjectives paint a picture of complexity and stratification, inviting readers to consider the multifaceted nature of social and educational dynamics. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'classes' to appreciate the layers of meaning each word adds.
differentStudents from different classes gathered in the assembly hall.
middleThe middle classes are the backbone of the economy
socialThere were three distinct social classes in the society.
variousThe students in the school came from various classes and backgrounds.
certainCertain classes require students to wear uniforms.
higherThe higher classes were more likely to have access to education and other opportunities.
specialThe school offers special classes for students with learning disabilities.
severalI've taken several classes on the subject.
poorerThe poorer classes suffered the most during the economic crisis.
mainThe main classes of the novel are a count, a countess, and a scholar.
privilegedThe privileged classes live in luxury while the poor struggle to survive.
distinctThere were distinct classes of people in the society.
regularMy regular classes are on Tuesday and Thursday.
englishI'm taking English classes to improve my language skills.
professionalThe professional classes are well-educated and have high incomes.
backwardThe college offers scholarships exclusively for backward classes of society.
broadThe researchers divided the data into broad classes such as animals, plants, and minerals.
propertiedThe propertied classes have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.
separateThe school operates separate classes for boys and girls.
dominantThe dominant classes were keen to maintain control over the political and economic structures of society.
urbanThe urban classes are going to be affected by the new policy.
betterYou can expect to attend better classes everyday.
lowestHer family suffered greatly during the depression, falling into the lowest classes of society.
industrialJane enrolled in industrial classes to learn how to weld.
wealthyThe wealthy classes were able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.
commercialWe offer commercial classes in various subjects.
subThe three sub classes of gymnosperms are the cycads , the ginkgoes , and the conifers .
workingThe working classes have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.
popularShe offered popular classes in yoga, meditation, and Pilates.
wealthierThe wealthier classes enjoyed a higher standard of living.
smallerThe school's new policy of smaller classes allows for more individualized attention.
agriculturalThe students spent the morning taking agricultural classes and the afternoon working in the fields.
advancedStudents who excel can take advanced classes
socioeconomicSocioeconomic classes are defined by a combination of factors such as income, education, and occupation.
criminalThe police cracked down on the criminal classes that were terrorizing the city.
richerThe richer classes enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.
respectiveThe students were seated in their respective classes
humblerThe humbler classes oppressed in the big cities, had been crushed beneath the harsh heel of industrial society.
elementaryThe younger children still attend elementary classes in the town schoolhouse.
seniorWe had a great time at the senior classes reunion.
derivedDerived classes inherit from their parent class.
oppressedThe oppressed classes rose up against their oppressors.
subordinateThere are many subordinate classes in society
abstractAbstract classes are used to define a blueprint for subclasses.
dangerousThe dangerous classes are a threat to society.
gradeThe grade classes are divided into three groups: primary, secondary, and tertiary.
educatedThe educated classes were the first to adopt the new ideas.
calledThe teacher called classes to order.
yearStudents in the fifth and sixth grade are in the same year classes
adultThe community center offers adult classes in a variety of subjects.
occupationalThe census bureau classifies individuals into various occupational classes for the purpose of data analysis.
respectableThe respectable classes stayed away from him.
mixedThe school offered a variety of mixed classes allowing students to explore different subjects simultaneously.

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