Adjectives for Click

Adjectives For Click

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing click, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the perfect adjective to describe a 'click' can significantly alter the perception and feel of your sentence. A 'double' click implies a rapid, successive action often associated with computer usage, whereas a 'right' click suggests a specific, context-menu-opening action. A 'single' click is usually all it takes to select or open something, highlighting its efficiency and simplicity. The 'sharp' and 'loud' adjectives can transform the click into a sound that grabs attention, evoking a sense of urgency or importance. An 'audible' click, on the other hand, indicates a sound just loud enough to be heard, suggesting subtlety and precision. Each adjective brings its own flavor and imagery, setting the tone for your narrative. Explore our full list of adjectives to find the perfect match for your 'click'.
doubleCan you double click on the document to enlarge the text?
rightCan you right click on the image to save it locally?
singleThe wizard finished the spell in a single click
sharpI heard a sharp click come from the kitchen.
loudI could hear it from upstairs, a loud click in the kitchen.
audibleThe door made an audible click as it locked.
metallicThe metallic click of the door lock could be heard from the other room.
softThe mouse emitted a soft click when she released it.
faintA faint click echoed through the empty room.
systolicThe doctor heard a systolic click on auscultation.
simpleYou can easily share your photos with a simple click
slightThe door opened with a slight click
midsystolicThe abrupt midsystolic click increased in intensity as the left ventricular pressure was increased.
andI hit the button and click and the cursor flies.
distinctI can hear a distinct click as I press the button.
familiarI heard the familiar click of the door as it locked behind me.
suddenThe sudden click of the door made me jump.
quickCan you do a quick click on that link and let me know what you think?
tinyWith a tiny click the door opened.
dullThe dull click of the door handle echoed through the empty hallway.
quietThe mouse let out a quiet click as I moved the cursor across the screen.
ominousThe ominous click of the door latch sent shivers down my spine.
perThey are paying $0.10 per click on those ads.
dryThe dry click of the lock told me it was empty.
tripleHe triple clicked the mouse to open the file.
clicketyThe old typewriter keys made a satisfying clickety click as the author typed.
pointYou have to point click the location you want to send the email.
palpableThe palpable click of the lock echoed through the empty house.
aorticThe aortic click was described as a brief, high-pitched sound heard at the onset of systole.
occasionalThe occasional click sounded like a clock far away.
gentleThe door opened with a gentle click
steadyThe clock's steady click marked the passing of the night.
decisiveThe decisive click marked the beginning of a new era.
muffledA muffled click echoed through the silent room.
dentalThe dental click is a type of consonant found in some languages spoken in Africa.
oneI completed the purchase with just one click
unmistakableI heard the unmistakable click of the lock unlatching.
rhythmicThe rhythmic click of the metronome helped the musicians stay in time.
painfulShe winced at the painful click of the needle scraping against her skin.
firmHe heard a firm click as the door locked behind him.
distinctiveThe kestrel's distinctive click echoed through the canyon.
characteristicThe door opened with its characteristic click
lateralThe lateral click is a sound that is produced by the tongue against the side of the teeth.
hollowThe heavy door groaned and swung open with a hollow click
reciprocalThe reciprocal click inside the network created a self-referential loop.
telltaleThe telltale click of the doorknob sent a shiver down her spine.
abruptHe heard an abrupt click from the kitchen.
monotonousThe monotonous click of the keyboard filled the air.
smartI learned this new trick of using my smart click
altI alt clicked on the link to open it in a new tab.
palatalTake a sip from the cup and click your tongue against the roof of your mouth to make a palatal click
acousticThe acoustic click of the camera shutter startled the sleeping bird.

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