Adjectives for Client

Adjectives For Client

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing client, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjectives to describe a client can subtly shift the perception and relationship dynamic. A new client implies fresh opportunities and beginnings, while a particular client may hint at unique demands or preferences. Describing someone as an individual client emphasizes their distinctiveness, potentially fostering a more personalized approach. The terms prospective and potential clients carry a sense of future possibilities, triggering strategies aimed at conversion. Conversely, a former client might evoke reflections on past services and the reasons for their departure, offering valuable lessons. Each adjective opens a different narrative pathway, enriching the story behind the client relationship. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover the nuances each brings.
newI'm excited to start working with my new client
particularWe tailor our services to each particular client
individualOur team of experienced financial advisors can help you create a personalized financial plan that meets your individual client needs.
prospectiveThe marketing team is wooing a prospective client with a lavish dinner.
potentialWe have a meeting with a potential client tomorrow.
formerThe lawyer met his former client for coffee.
oldThe old client returned to the store to purchase a new item.
patientThe patient client waited patiently for his turn to see the doctor.
elderlyThe elderly client was very grateful for the help they received from the social worker.
olderThe older client needed more assistance with the online application.
remoteThe application is accessible through a remote client
singleThe therapist only sees single clients.
femaleThe female client was very happy with her new haircut.
maleThe male client discussed his concerns with the therapist.
importantOur important client will be arriving tomorrow.
assistThe social worker will assist clients who are having trouble paying their bills.
mailI use Outlook as my mail client
emailI use Thunderbird as my email client
corporateWe are pleased to announce the addition of a new corporate client to our portfolio.
thinThe thin client provides a secure and cost-effective way to access applications and data from anywhere.
primaryThe primary client for this project is a large corporation.
typicalThe typical client is a busy professional who values their time and wants to get the most out of their investment.
depressedThe therapist listened to the depressed client as she expressed her despair.
regularHe is a regular client of our restaurant.
averageThe average client spends $100 per month on our services.
difficultThe difficult client demanded a refund despite being satisfied with the service.
richThe rich client application is designed to be used on a desktop computer.
wirelessI need to configure my wireless client to connect to the internet.
illThe doctor gave the ill client a prescription for antibiotics.
mobileThe mobile client connected to the server.
pediatricThe pediatric client was seen for a routine checkup.
windowsThis windows client is very user-friendly.
wealthyThe wealthy client requested a personalized investment plan.
basedThe based client was very happy with the results.
geriatricThe geriatric client was unable to ambulate without assistance.
biggestThe biggest client of the company was a multinational corporation.
suicidalThe suicidal client was assessed by a mental health professional and provided with a safety plan.
adolescentThe adolescent client benefitted from sustained therapeutic support.
dependentThe lawyer is responsible for the well-being of their dependent client
idealMy ideal client is someone who is passionate about their business and is looking for ways to grow it.
evaluateWe will evaluate client needs before making any changes to the project.
satisfiedThe happy customer left a positive review for the satisfied client
anxiousThe anxious client paced back and forth in the waiting room.
pregnantThe doctor counseled his pregnant client about potential risks and complications.
disabledThe disabled client is entitled to special services.
patronThe politician relies on his patron client relationship to win votes.
diabeticThe diabetic client's blood sugar levels are controlled with insulin and diet.
deafThe deaf client communicated with the interpreter through sign language.
largestWe are proud to announce that we have secured a contract with our largest client yet.
unfortunateThe unfortunate client was left stranded at the airport.
angryThe angry client demanded to speak to the manager.
alcoholicThe therapist helped the alcoholic client overcome his addiction.
agedThe aged client needed assistance with daily tasks.
adultThe adult client was seen by the doctor for a checkup.
involuntaryThe involuntary client was uncomfortable with the attention they were receiving.
fairThank you for your continued patronage, fair client
lineCustomers can use LINE messenger app as a line client
fatThe fat client is designed to handle complex business logic and data manipulation.
asianThe Asian client was referred to our office by another attorney.
favoriteMy favorite client is the one who always pays on time.

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