Adjectives for Clients

Adjectives For Clients

Discover the perfect adjectives for clients, enhancing your descriptions and communication. From attracting new, potential clients to appreciating the most loyal ones, our resource offers varied adjectives like 'many,' 'new,' and 'potential,' each accompanied by illustrative sentences to guide your usage. Elevate your professional language and connect effectively with your audience.

manyWe have many clients who are very satisfied with our services.
potentialOur marketing campaign is designed to attract potential clients
newI am very excited to welcome our new clients to the team.
mostMost clients are happy with the results.
individualOur team of professionals provides expert financial advice to individual clients
prospectiveWe regularly reach out to prospective clients on a daily basis.
corporateWe offer a wide range of services tailored to the needs of our corporate clients
olderSome older clients prefer a more traditional approach to investing.
elderlyThe elderly clients were given priority seating at the event.
formerMany former clients I've worked with have requested to work with me again.
americanI would like to send this proposal to our american clients
femaleMany female clients prefer female doctors.
multipleThe lawyer represented multiple clients at the trial.
privateOur law firm specializes in providing legal services to private clients
maleMy male clients are very satisfied with the results.
currentWe strive constantly to exceed the expectations of our current clients
remoteThe company provides support to remote clients using a variety of communication channels.
regularThe restaurant owner knows all the regular clients on sight.
wealthyThe firm provides financial advisory services to wealthy clients
illThe doctor had to reschedule his ill clients for the next day.
depressedShe made herself available to see depressed clients on request.
asianThe company has a large number of Asian clients
difficultDealing with difficult clients can be a trying experience.
diverseOur legal team has an extensive experience working with diverse clients
internalOur internal clients require a more user-friendly interface.
disabledOur organization is dedicated to providing support and services to disabled clients
externalThe company provides external clients with access to its software.
thinThe company utilized thin clients to deliver applications and data to their remote workforce.
satisfiedWe are proud of our satisfied clients
richThe company is targeting rich clients for its new product line.
commercialWe provide impeccable services to commercial clients
institutionalOur firm provides financial services to institutional clients including pension funds, insurance companies, and endowments.
youngerI'll focus on getting younger clients for the company.
numerousNumerous clients have praised the company's excellent customer service.
africanAfrican clients show growing confidence in their future.
ethnicThe company aims to provide excellent services to its ethnic clients
dependentThe social worker supported dependent clients who were struggling with addiction.
mailIt is possible to use both apps as mail clients
suicidalCounselors must be able to respond effectively to suicidal clients
wirelessWireless clients are allowed to connect to the network.
psychiatricThe psychiatric clients were making progress in their therapy.
adolescentThe social worker helps counsel adolescent clients struggling with mental health issues.
basedOur product is loved by our based clients
japaneseWe had a meeting with our Japanese clients yesterday.
respectiveJane and John are meeting their respective clients tomorrow.
classThe class clients were very attentive to the lecture.
deafI have a wide range of experience working with deaf clients
incomeThe store has a lot of income clients
geriatricGeriatric clients often have special needs that require specialized care.
hispanicHis marketing strategy is targeted towards Hispanic clients
riskWe need to monitor risk clients for potential issues.
termThe term clients are those who use the services of a professional on a regular basis.
emailFor example, email clients may not accept more than one email of the same size on the same day.
homelessA team of volunteers served meals and provided clothing to homeless clients
mobile"I will use the system to register all mobile clients" said Jack.
fewerThe company has experienced a downturn in business, resulting in fewer clients

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