Adjectives for Clip

Adjectives For Clip

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing clip, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe a clip can significantly alter the perception of its content. A good clip suggests quality and enjoyment, whereas an audio clip specifies the type, focusing on sound. Describing a clip as new highlights its recency and relevance, offering a fresh perspective or content. The adjectives fast, first, and second can denote speed, order, or priority, adding layers of understanding about the sequence or pace. Each adjective brings its own nuance, painting the clip in different shades of meaning. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'clip' to fully appreciate the diversity of interpretation they provide.
goodShe walked with a good clip
audioThe audio clip was crystal clear.
newI downloaded the new clip from the video and shared it with my friends.
fastThe car raced along at a fast clip leaving the other vehicles far behind.
firstThe first clip I saw was a short, funny video.
secondShe used the second clip to pin her hair.
soundThe sound clip played a cheerful tune.
smallShe tucked a small clip into her hair
singleThe magazine only holds a single clip
entireHe unloaded his entire clip into the target.
fullThe shooter opened fire with a full clip
shortHe sent me a short clip to give me a glimpse of his trip.
originalThe original clip was posted on YouTube in 2007.
emptyThe magazine was empty, so I reached for an empty clip to load.
roundI put the round clip in my pocket.
nextThis is my next clip please watch it!
fasterThe runner was moving at a faster clip than the previous day.
minuteI watched a five-minute clip of the movie before deciding to buy it.
oneI only need one clip to fix this.
steadyThe project is progressing at a steady clip
annualThe annual clip of his toenails was an unpleasant experience.
briskThe runner moved at a brisk clip passing many others on the trail.
videoI watched a funny video clip on YouTube.
currentPlease attach the current clip to the email.
temporaryI need to fix the temporary clip on the microphone.
virtualI attached a virtual clip to the email for your reference.
extraShe keeps an extra clip in her handbag for emergencies.
plasticHe used a plastic clip to keep the papers together.
smartI need a smart clip that can hold my phone securely.
briefThe press secretary provided a brief clip of the President's speech.
roachThe roach clip was made of a bent paperclip.
surgicalThe surgeon placed a surgical clip on the bleeding artery.
incomingMake sure you turn the music down when the incoming clip plays.
averageThe average clip length is five minutes.
frontThe mechanic removed the front clip to replace the engine.
livelyThe dog trotted along at a lively clip
woolThe wool clip was sold for a record price at auction.
metallicShe attached the papers together with a metallic clip
bentThe teacher straightened the bent clip before returning it to the student.
australianI found a great Australian clip online.
outgoingThey asked me to return the outgoing clip to the library.
quickThe video editor used a quick clip to show off the movie's highlights.
fairShe was knitting at a fair clip and stopped to join us.
topAfter the movie, they hit the top clip
screwShe secured the plastic bag with a screw clip
irisThe iris clip was made of a thin piece of metal that held the iris in place.
duplicateI'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the term 'duplicate clip'.
domesticThe domestic clip commemorated the horse's victory.
shapedI used the shaped clip to cut the fabric into a perfect circle.
sharpThe dark clouds emitted a sharp clip of thunder.
healthyShe was swimming at a healthy clip
paperThe teacher asked the student to put a paper clip on the corner of the paper to mark his place.
shotI took a shot clip of the beautiful sunset while on vacation.
doubleShe put a double clip in her hair to keep it out of her face.
undatedHere is an undated clip of the movie.
knotShe used a knot clip to secure her hair.
unidentifiedThe agent placed the unidentified clip on my desk.
furiousHe was flying home at a furious clip
offlineShe saved the offline clip to her watchlist.
animatedThe animated clip was so funny that I laughed out loud.

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