Adjectives for Clips

Adjectives For Clips

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing clips, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of content creation and sharing, the noun 'clips' takes on multifaceted meanings through its adjectives. 'Published clips' often evoke a sense of authority and finished work, while 'audio clips' and 'video clips' cater to the senses, engaging audiences in different immersive experiences. 'Short clips' hint at the fast-paced consumption of today's media, encapsulating moments that demand minimal time investment. On a more specialized front, 'surgical clips' suggest precision and niche application, whereas 'small clips' can denote both physical size and the brevity of content. Such nuances not only enrich our understanding of clips but also guide their usage in our digital narratives. Explore our full list of adjectives to uncover the diverse ways in which clips can capture moments, tell stories, and facilitate communication.
publishedThey published clips of the book on social media.
audioI listened to various audio clips of the speaker.
videoI watched several video clips on the internet yesterday.
shortI watched several short clips of the movie before deciding to see it in theaters.
surgicalThe surgical clips were used to close the wound.
smallI have small clips that are useful for holding papers together.
soundI listened to the funny sound clips you sent me.
severalThe editor used several clips to create the film.
multipleI have multiple clips in my toolbox.
extraI always keep extra clips for my stapler.
individualThe individual clips can be combined into a longer video.
specialHe attached the photos to the bulletin board with special clips
metallicThe metallic clips glimmered in the sunlight.
plasticI used plastic clips to secure the loose wires under my desk.
metalThe metal clips held the papers together.
temporaryThe temporary clips held the papers together until the glue dried.
roundThese round clips are for holding paper together.
spareHe kept the spare clips in his backpack, just in case he needed them.
hemostaticThe hemostatic clips were applied to the bleeding vessel, stopping the flow of blood.
additionalWe've included additional clips just for you.
briefWe watched brief clips from the new movie.
separateShe organized her videos into separate clips
offlineI need to download those offline clips before my flight.
digitalThe students used digital clips to create a multimedia presentation.
vascularThe surgeon used vascular clips to control bleeding during the operation.
virtualHe used virtual clips to hold the papers together.
intracranial"The clipping of the aneurysm was achieved by a combination of intracranial clips."
adjacentThe adjacent clips are easy to find when you sort them by date.
paperI need some paper clips to organize these papers.
multimediaThe presentation included a variety of multimedia clips
roachHe fumbled with the roach clips his hands shaking.
shapedThe decorator used shaped clips to add a splash of color to the room.
stainlessThe stainless clips kept the papers together securely.
duplicateWhen editing a video, be sure to check for duplicate clips
tinyThe tiny clips held the pages together.
smallerI will need smaller clips for this project.
woodenI need to buy wooden clips for my craft project.
emptyThe shooter ran out of bullets and dropped the gun with empty clips
minuteI watched a few minute clips of the new movie trailer.
grooveThe groove clips securely held the wires in place.
coloredThe teacher handed out colored clips to each student.
cerebralThe neurosurgeon used cerebral clips to stop the bleeding from the aneurysm.
ferromagneticThe ferromagnetic clips held the papers together securely.
downShe combed her hair down and held it with down clips
suitable"I've selected suitable clips for your video and put them in the media box."
promotionalWe released some promotional clips for the movie.
hairShe loves her fashionable hair clips
relevantWe have curated relevant clips for you.
availableThe video is packed with available clips
fenestratedThe fenestrated clips provide a secure and versatile method for fixing tissues and organs.
onlineI watched some funny online clips before bed.
shorterThe movie's director decided to use shorter clips in the trailer.
typeI need some type clips for my computer.
animatedThe video player only plays animated clips
quickThe students scribbled quick clips on their papers.
longerThe longer clips help me follow along better.
adjustableThe adjustable clips allow for a customized and comfortable fit.
resilientThe resilient clips on the tarp held through the hurricane-force winds.
smartHe used the smart clips to secure the papers.
endoscopicEndoscopic clips were applied to achieve hemostasis.

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