Adjectives for Clothing

Adjectives For Clothing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing clothing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe clothing can vastly alter the perception of the item in question. A protective jacket not only insinuates safety but also suggests a level of durability and purpose. Describing an outfit as warm immediately conjures images of comfort and suitability for cooler climates, while proper attire denotes formality and adherence to social norms. Conversely, tight clothing implies a snug fit, potentially highlighting the wearer's physique, whereas wet clothing evokes discomfort and the need for a quick change. The term made can precede specifics about materials or origin, adding depth to the narrative. Each adjective unveils a new layer, inviting a closer look. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'clothing' to capture its essence.
protectivePeople working with hazardous materials must wear protective clothing
warmThe hiker packed warm clothing for the cold mountain air.
properThe students were required to wear proper clothing to the formal event.
wetThe hikers hung their wet clothing on the line to dry.
madeShe had made clothing for all the needy people in the village.
heavyThe hikers wore heavy clothing to protect themselves from the cold weather.
wearShe remembers to wear clothing in public.
outerHe put on his outer clothing before going outside.
extraI packed extra clothing in my suitcase for the trip.
cleanHe was wearing clean clothing
specialThe firefighters wore special clothing to protect themselves from the flames.
appropriatePlease remember to wear appropriate clothing for this interview.
civilianThe agent was instructed to wear civilian clothing during the mission.
looseShe prefers to wear casual clothes with loose clothing
traditionalShe wore traditional clothing for the festival.
whiteShe wore her beautiful white clothing to the party.
fineThe high society women strutted around the ballroom in fine clothing and elegant jewelry.
suitableI packed suitable clothing for my trip to the mountains.
lightShe wore light clothing for the warm weather.
dryI put on my dry clothing after getting out of the shower.
darkThe burglar wore dark clothing to avoid being seen.
blackShe was wearing black clothing
adequateEnsure to wear adequate clothing for the weather and activity.
europeanThe man wore European clothing
comfortableI prefer to wear comfortable clothing when I am lounging around the house.
westernThe cowboy wore western clothing as he rode his horse across the plains.
expensiveThe model strutted down the runway in expensive clothing
ordinaryShe wore ordinary clothing so as not to attract attention.
coloredI washed the colored clothing in cold water.
soiledHe gathered up his soiled clothing and put it in the laundry basket.
necessaryHe packed the necessary clothing for his trip.
sufficientMake sure you have sufficient clothing for the cold weather.
femaleThe female clothing section of the store was full of beautiful dresses.
scantyThe children ran around in scanty clothing their laughter echoing through the warm summer air.
raggedThe ragged clothing hinted at his impoverished circumstances.
styleShe bought a new style clothing for her photoshoot.
betterI wish I could afford to buy better clothing
tatteredThe homeless man huddled in his tattered clothing
casualHe went to the store wearing his casual clothing
fashionableLisa went back to her closet to find a more fashionable clothing option.
decentThe children were given decent clothing and shoes.
freshShe put on some fresh clothing after her long walk.
cheapI bought a few cheap clothing items at the sale last week.
maleHe put on the male clothing and left the house.
usedJill was surprised to find the used clothing in mint condition.
dirtyI need to wash my dirty clothing
enoughShe had enough clothing to last her through the winter.
thinI wore thin clothing out on the rainy day.
richThe royal family wore rich clothing during the coronation.
outdoorThe outdoor clothing kept her warm in the cold weather.
thickThe thick clothing protected the hikers from the cold and rain.
insufficientThe hiker's insufficient clothing left him shivering in the cold.
inadequateShe shivered in the cold, her inadequate clothing providing little protection from the harsh weather.
roughThe rough clothing chafed his skin.
spareRemember to bring spare clothing if you go out for hiking.
handHer hand clothing protected her from the cold.
coarseThe ascetic wore coarse clothing as a symbol of his renunciation of worldly possessions.
distinctiveHe stood out from the crowd with his distinctive clothing
brightPassengers traveling in the country's south and east can expect plenty of sunny days, so be sure to pack light, bright clothing
lessShe wore less clothing in the summer than in the winter.
dampHe took off his damp clothing after working outside in the rain.
warmerI put on warmer clothing to protect myself from the cold.
beautifulThe model gracefully presented the beautiful clothing on the runway.
softShe pulled the soft clothing out of the dryer.
everydayI always wear comfortable everyday clothing when I go out.
plainThe officers were in plain clothing and unmarked cars when they made the arrest.
soakedThe hikers put on their soaked clothing as they emerged from the freezing lake.
colorfulThe children ran around the playground in their colorful clothing
shabbyThe man wandered into the library wearing shabby clothing
secondhandThere are several nearby stores that specialize in secondhand clothing
restrictiveThe dancer moved gracefully despite the restrictive clothing she had to wear.
waterproofEnsure you have waterproof clothing in case of a downpour.
feminineShe looked at the feminine clothing in the store.

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