Adjectives for Code

Adjectives For Code

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing code, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the word 'code' illuminates distinct aspects, shades of meaning, and areas of interest. A 'moral code' emphasizes ethical principles guiding behavior, whereas a 'new code' suggests innovation or updates in any field, from technology to law. The term 'genetic code' dives into the essence of biological beings, unraveling the mysteries of life itself. On the other hand, 'following code' might pertain to adhering to specific guidelines or rules. Meanwhile, 'penal code' and 'criminal code' direct the mind towards legal frameworks designed to maintain social order by defining offenses and prescribing punishments. Each adjective not only colors the noun but also opens a gateway to different conversations and understandings. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'code' below.
moralThe moral code of the people in the village was very strong.
newThe organization has adopted the new code of conduct.
geneticThe genetic code is the set of rules used by cells to translate information in a molecule of DNA or RNA into a protein.
penalThe penal code is the body of law that defines crimes and their punishments.
criminalThe criminal code was revised recently.
civilThe civil code governs the legal rights and duties of citizens within a society.
legalThe legal code in this country is complex.
ethicalThe ethical code of the organization should be taken seriously and followed diligently.
htmlAn HTML code represents the structure of a web page.
strictWe have a strict code of conduct that all employees must follow.
bitThe bit code was corrupted.
digitThe digit code for the safe is 123456.
secretThe secret code is hidden within this message.
internationalIt is important to follow the ISO 3166 alpha-2 code as an international code for specifying countries.
originalThe original code was written in a hurry.
uniformThe school requires students to wear a uniform code every day.
maliciousThe malicious code corrupted the computer's files.
nativeNative code is code that is written in the language that is native to the computer's processor.
commercialThe commercial code is a set of laws that govern business transactions.
professionalA licensed engineer designed the structure according to professional code
uniqueEach user has a unique code associated with their profile.
unwrittenThe unwritten code is more powerful than the written code.
postalPlease provide your postal code
rigidThe rigid code enforced strict adherence to the established protocols.
numericalEnter the numerical code you received.
digitalThe government is developing new digital code that will allow it to track the activities of its citizens.
federalThe company was fined for violating a federal code
efficientEfficient code can achieve the same results using fewer computations and less memory, making it faster and more resource-friendly.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive code detailed the intricate functionality of the system.
letterThe letter code for the amino acid leucine is Leu.
elaborateOur elaborate code is generating efficient and impressive results.
sideThe side code is a secondary code that is used to identify a specific item.
correspondingThe corresponding code will be provided in the next section.
linguisticThe linguistic code is a system of signs and symbols that is used to communicate.
numericThe numeric code for the letter 'A' is 65.
convolutionalTransmission rate and bit error rate under different noise intensity can be obtained by the convolutional code under different coding rates.
symbolicThis is an example of symbolic code
linearLinear codes are a type of error-correcting code that uses linear algebra to encode and decode data.
finiteA finite code is a code that has a finite number of codewords.
municipalThe municipal code prohibits overnight parking on city streets.
cyclicThe cyclic code was effectively used in the given scenario.
proceduralProcedural code is a type of computer code that specifies the steps to be taken in order to complete a task.

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