Adjectives for Collection

Adjectives For Collection

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing collection, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe a 'collection' can vastly alter the perception of its value, size, and exclusivity. A 'private collection' insinuates exclusivity and personal significance, while a 'large collection' suggests abundance and variety. Conversely, a 'small collection' may imply careful curation or a burgeoning passion. The term 'growing collection' radiates potential and an ongoing interest, whereas an 'extensive collection' denotes breadth and depth in a particular area. Describing a collection as 'fine' elevates it, hinting at high quality or rarity. Each adjective beckons a unique lens through which we view and appreciate collections. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to unlock new perspectives on collections.
privateThe rare book was in a private collection
largeThe museum had a large collection of ancient artifacts.
growingShe has a growing collection of stamps from all over the world.
smallThe small collection of coins included a rare nickel.
extensiveThe museum has an extensive collection of ancient artifacts.
fineI have a fine collection of stamps.
completeThe complete collection of stamps is worth a fortune.
valuableThe library houses a valuable collection of first editions.
wholeI have the whole collection of Harry Potter books.
entireI was amazed by the entire collection of stamps he had assembled over the years.
largestThe largest collection of books in the world is in the Library of Congress.
vastThe museum had acquired a vast collection of ancient artifacts over the centuries.
presentThe present collection includes items influenced by many different cultures.
excellentThe exhibition featured an excellent collection of abstract art.
richThe museum boasts a rich collection of artifacts from ancient Egypt.
interestingI have an interesting collection of stamps.
comprehensiveWe offer a comprehensive collection of new and used cars to meet your every need.
personalI was proud to show off my personal collection of stamps to my friends.
permanentThe permanent collection includes works by famous artists such as Picasso and van Gogh.
mereReading was his mere collection of words without a yearning for knowledge.
systematicThe systematic collection of data allowed researchers to track the progress of the experiment.
famousThe museum displayed a famous collection of ancient artifacts.
usefulHe kept a useful collection of fine books.
uniqueShe has spent decades amassing a unique collection of rare books.
remarkableThe museum boasts a remarkable collection of ancient artifacts.
miscellaneousMy grandfather left me a miscellaneous collection of tools, stamps, and coins.
impressiveThe museum's impressive collection includes artifacts from around the world.
magnificentThe museum had a magnificent collection of ancient artifacts.
heterogeneousThe heterogeneous collection of items included old toys, antique furniture, and worn-out clothes.
motleyThe motley collection of misfits and outcasts gathered at the town square.
wonderfulI was amazed by the wonderful collection of antique furniture.
hugeHe spent his life working on his huge collection of stamps.
finestThe Louvre has the finest collection of classical paintings in the world.
splendidA splendid collection of stamps was exhibited at the museum.
curiousThe museum had a curious collection of ancient artifacts.
hourThe shopkeeper handed the customer his hour collection of political manifestos.
representativeThey have a representative collection of post-Columbian artifacts, mostly from the southwestern United States.
rareThe museum displayed a rare collection of ancient artifacts.
diverseThe gallery featured a diverse collection of sculptures, paintings, and installations from various artists.
volumeThe volume collection of music is now available for streaming online.
superbThe museum boasts a superb collection of artifacts from around the world.
outstandingThe museum's outstanding collection of Impressionist paintings is a must-see for any art lover.
randomHe had a random collection of hobbies, from stamp collecting to skydiving.
extraordinaryThe museum houses an extraordinary collection of artifacts from around the world.
royalThe royal collection includes many priceless artifacts from British history.
variedThe museum has a varied collection of artifacts from around the world.
looseThe library had a loose collection of old books.
enormousThe museum houses an enormous collection of Roman artifacts.
immenseThe museum houses an immense collection of over 100,000 artifacts.
substantialThe museum had a substantial collection of ancient artifacts.
efficientThe efficient collection of data is essential for effective analysis.
massiveThe museum possesses a massive collection of ancient artifacts.
editedThe edited collection of essays provides a comprehensive overview of the topic.

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