Adjectives for College

Adjectives For College

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing college, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe college can illuminate various facets of this pivotal experience. A junior college might emphasize accessibility and a focused path, while an electoral college brings to mind a specific, critical process in American democracy. Describing a college as small highlights an intimate, perhaps more personalized educational journey. Conversely, a new college might suggest innovation or a developing reputation. A local college, on the other hand, underscores community connection and convenience. The nuance of each adjective paints a unique picture, underscoring the diversity and complexity within the world of higher education. For an in-depth exploration of how these and other adjectives interact with college, see the full list below.
juniorI attended a junior college in California.
electoralThe electoral college played a key role in determining the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.
smallI attended a small college in the Midwest.
newI'm excited to start a new college in the fall.
localThe local college will offer online courses.
medicalI am attending medical college to become a doctor.
liberalShe attended a liberal college in California.
americanI am attending an American college
agriculturalHe had graduated from an agricultural college and had taught agricultural science.
oldI went to my old college to visit my old friends.
privateMy daughter attends a private college
technicalI attended the technical college for two years to learn computer programming.
jesuitHe was educated at a jesuit college
theologicalTom graduated from the theological college with a doctorate in divinity.
militaryAlex is now attending the military college
accreditedHe attended an accredited college to obtain his degree.
nearbyHe went to the nearby college to attend a lecture.
christianShe is attending a christian college in the East Coast.
blackI attended a black college in the South.
undergraduateHe was an undergraduate college student at Cornell University.
catholicShe has been teaching at the catholic college for over 20 years.
trinityTrinity college is a research-oriented institution located in Dublin, Ireland.
residentialShe lived in a new residential college last year.
sacredThe sacred college of cardinals elected a new pope today.
harvardThe historical Harvard college was founded in 1636 and is a part of the prestigious Ivy League.
famousShe studied economics at a famous college
oldestHarvard University is the oldest college in the United States.
seniorShe is a freshman in senior college
independentI'm planning to attend an independent college next fall.
invisibleHe is a member of the invisible college
prestigiousI am proud to have graduated from such a prestigious college
relatedI went to a related college to study computer science.
formerI'm a former college student.
royalThe royal college held a grand ceremony to celebrate its 100th anniversary.
commercialMarty was recruited to play basketball by a commercial college while he was in high school.
denominationalMy friend attends a denominational college
leftHe left college after two years.
femaleShe attended female college and graduated with honors.
dentalHe was a graduate of a reputable dental college
syrianThe Syrian college provides a well-rounded education for its students.
easternMany students in the eastern college have a good command of English.
navalThe naval college is located in the port city of Annapolis.
universityI am attending university college this fall.
coeducationalThe coeducational college offered a variety of courses to both male and female students.
apostolicThe apostolic college is a group of twelve men chosen by Jesus to be his closest followers.
veterinaryI am currently attending veterinary college
missionary'The missionary college is a good place to learn about the Bible and Christian theology'.
largestThe largest college in the US is the University of Central Florida.
yaleYale college is a private Ivy League research university in New Haven, Connecticut.
midwesternThe University of Illinois is a Midwestern college located in Urbana-Champaign.

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