Adjectives for Column

Adjectives For Column

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing column, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a column can significantly alter the perception and understanding of a text. Whether it's the first or second column in a series, each position carries its own weight and implication. Mentioning a spinal column, on the other hand, shifts the focus towards anatomy and health, adding a layer of complexity and specificity. Similarly, the last and third columns bring a sense of order and progression. Additionally, using terms like hand with column could introduce a creative or less conventional angle. Each adjective brings its own color and dimension to the noun, enriching the text with nuances and depth. Discover more ways adjectives can influence the meaning of 'column' in our comprehensive list below.
firstThe first column contains the names of the students.
secondSelect the number in the second column
spinalThe spinal column supports the body and protects the spinal cord.
lastThe last column displays the total number of cases.
thirdThe third column was my favorite part.
handThe hand column is the first column of the periodic table.
leftThe data was displayed in the left column of the spreadsheet.
rightThe right column contains all the important information.
fifthThe fifth column is a group of people who are secretly working against their own country or organization.
singleThe book has a single column text format.
fourthThe fourth column has the data you need.
nextPlease proceed to the next column
longThe long column of prisoners marched into the prison courtyard.
verticalThe experimental data are presented in a vertical column
mainThe main column of the table contains the names of the students.
weeklyI read his weekly column every Sunday.
centralThe central column of the building was supporting the heavy weight of the roof.
finalThe final column shows the total number of rows in the table.
entireThe entire column was filled with red.
vertebralThe vertebral column is the flexible, segmented rod that extends from the skull to the tail.
regularI read his regular column in the newspaper every week.
posteriorThe doctors suspected that the patient's ataxia was due to damage in the posterior column
syndicatedI read his syndicated column on my favorite social media platform.
middleThe middle column of the spreadsheet contained all the important data.
lateralThe lateral column is a group of neurons located in the spinal cord.
appropriatePlease enter the data in the appropriate column
anteriorThe anterior column is a part of the spinal cord.
doubleThe text is arranged in a double column format.
positiveThe positive column shows the number of responses that were positive.
liquidThe liquid column was rising steadily in the glass tube.
separateThe data is stored in a separate column
dorsalThe dorsal column carries sensory information from the body and limbs to the brain.
solidThe solid column of water standing before me was a testament to the power of nature.
chromatographicSeparate the molecules in the mixture by passing it through a chromatographic column
dailyThe reporter's daily column was incisive and thought-provoking.
tallA tall column stood in the center of the room.
doricThe Doric column is the simplest and oldest of the three main orders of Greek architecture.
monthlyI write a monthly column for the local newspaper.
sixthThe sixth column of the spreadsheet contained important financial data.
keyThe key column in this database table is "ID".
stratigraphicThe stratigraphic column in this area is very deep and contains a wide variety of rock types.
thinThe thin column of smoke rose into the sky.
slenderThe slender column was made of steel and had a diameter of only 12 inches.
analyticalThe analytical column is used to separate the components of a mixture.
concreteThe concrete column is a vertical support that is used to bear the weight of a building.
leftmostShe circled the leftmost column in the chart.
correspondingThe value of the corresponding column in the other table is the same.
mercurialThe height of the mercurial column in the barometer is about 760 millimeters.
grayThe tall gray column stood out against the clear blue sky.
centreThe centre column of the table contained the most important information.
intermediolateralThe intermediolateral column is a column of gray matter in the spinal cord that contains the cell bodies of sympathetic preganglionic neurons.
rightmostThe rightmost column in the table contains the total number of records.
hugeThe huge column of smoke could be seen for miles.
narrowShe passed through a narrow column of sunlight.
continuousThe continuous column has a diameter of 10 centimeters.
cylindricalThe cylindrical column was made of marble and supported the roof of the building.
geologicThe geologic column is a record of Earth's history, as revealed by the layers of rock that have been deposited over time.
celluloseWe used the cellulose column to separate the two isomers.
corinthianThe Corinthian column is the most elaborate of the three orders of classical architecture.
brokenThe broken column stood as a testament to the passage of time.
flutedThe fluted column's design originated in ancient Greece.
thickThe thick column supported the heavy weight.
denseThe dense column of smoke rose into the sky
ionicThe ionic column is a type of architectural support that is characterized by its slender shaft and its capital, which is decorated with volutes.
cervicalThe patient was diagnosed with a fracture of the cervical column
righthandPlease put your name in the righthand column

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