Adjectives for Combination

Adjectives For Combination

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing combination, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'combination' brings to life the diversity of elements coming together in unique ways, creating outcomes that range from 'linear' and straightforward to 'rare' and unexpected. Each adjective paired with 'combination' reveals a layer of complexity and specificity. Whether it's a 'particular' combination that fits just right, a 'unique' blend that stands out, a 'possible' mix waiting to be explored, or the 'best' fusion achieving perfection, the choice of adjective deeply colors the interpretation of the noun. Understanding these nuances sharpens our appreciation of combinations in various contexts. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives that celebrate the myriad ways combinations can manifest.
linearThe vector v can be expressed as a linear combination of the vectors u1, u2, and u3.
particularI am looking for a particular combination of skills and experience.
uniqueThe unique combination of ingredients creates a flavor profile like no other.
possibleThe possible combination of factors is endless.
rareThe rare combination of colors made the painting so striking.
bestThis is the best combination of ingredients I have ever tasted.
rightWith the right combination of ingredients, you can bake a delicious loaf of bread.
happyA happy combination of people made the event a memorable one.
strangeThe strange combination of ingredients created a unique flavor.
parallelThe parallel combination of the resistors reduces the overall resistance.
complexThe complex combination of flavors created a delightful symphony in her mouth.
curiousThe curious combination of colors and textures created a captivating visual effect.
peculiarShe adorned herself with a peculiar combination of feathers and lace.
powerfulPassion and determination make a powerful combination
properUse the proper combination of fertilizer and water to ensure healthy plant growth.
keyI use the key combination of 'Ctrl+S' to save my work.
specificThe specific combination of ingredients was essential for the success of the dish.
effectiveThe effective combination of ingredients led to a mouthwatering dish.
optimalThe optimal combination of ingredients creates a delicious meal.
perfectThe perfect combination of flavors makes this dish unforgettable.
appropriateThe appropriate combination of spices enhanced the dish's flavor.
interestingThe purple and orange outfit was an interesting combination
idealA perfect cup of coffee is an ideal combination of bitterness and smoothness.
simpleThe simple combination of ingredients created a delicious dish.
oddThe odd combination of flavors made for a unique experience.
remarkableThe remarkable combination of artistry and athleticism on display was a treat to behold.
directThe direct combination of hydrogen and oxygen produces water.
suitableA suitable combination of the above ingredients will produce the desired result.
harmoniousThe harmonious combination of colors and textures in the painting was visually stunning.
chemicalThe chemical combination of carbon and oxygen is what we know as carbon dioxide.
judiciousThe judicious combination of ingredients resulted in a flavorful and well-balanced dish.
dangerousThe combination of speed and alcohol was a dangerous combination
successfulIt proved to be a successful combination of style and substance.
organicThe organic combination of education and productive labor is a basic principle of socialist education.
extraordinaryHer extraordinary combination of raw talent and intense work ethic set her apart from the competition.
formidableThe team's formidable combination of speed and strength proved unstoppable on the field.
correctThe correct combination of ingredients will produce a delicious cake.
winningA team of experts typically produces a winning combination
wonderfulThe wonderful combination of flavors made the dish an unforgettable dining experience.
weightedThe weighted combination of the factors was determined using a regression analysis.
singularThe singular combination of the words 'fish' and 'chips' refers to a popular British dish.
excellentThe collaboration between the two artists was an excellent combination of talent and creativity.
potentThe potent combination of caffeine and nicotine left me feeling jittery and alert.
efficientThe efficient combination of materials and processes resulted in a high-quality product.
balancedHer nutritious diet becomes a perfectly balanced combination for a 10-year old girl.
usualThe usual combination of ingredients is not available today.
lethalThe lethal combination of drugs proved fatal for the patient.
deadlyThe fumes from the chemicals were a deadly combination
looseIn the chest cavity, the heart is positioned in a loose combination with the lungs, trachea, and esophagus.
fortunateI had a fortunate combination of luck and good timing.
usefulThe spices are a useful combination of flavors.
unlikelyThe unlikely combination of pineapple and anchovies made for a surprisingly delicious pizza topping.
frequentThe frequent combination of yoga and meditation has been shown to reduce stress and improve mood.
fortuitousThe fortuitous combination of events led to an unexpected outcome.
optimumThis recipe calls for an optimum combination of sweet and sour flavors.
paradoxicalThe paradoxical combination of hope and despair lingered in the air.
ingeniousThe ingenious combination of elements created a captivating visual display.
favorableThe favorable combination of circumstances made it possible for me to achieve my goals.
fixedThe fixed combination of ingredients in the dish contributed to its distinct flavor.
exactTo produce the exact combination please use the measurements provided.
unfortunateHer optimistic outlook and unfortunate combination of allergies made hiking an infuriating endeavor.
subtleThe subtle combination of colors created a unique and elegant atmosphere in the room.
unbeatableMy unbeatable combination of skills and experience will make me an exceptional candidate for this role.
tripleThe triple combination of scripture, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants is a great source of spiritual strength.
characteristicThe characteristic combination of the paintings is their use of vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes.
desirableThe leadership team put forth a desirable combination of skills and experience.
verticalThe company achieved vertical combination by acquiring its suppliers and distributors.
novelThe novel combination of materials and techniques resulted in an innovative product.
logicalThe logical combination of true and false is false.
costWe are working to implement a cost combination

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