Adjectives for Coming

Adjectives For Coming

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing coming, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'coming' can significantly impact the nuance of your sentence, enriching it with subtle meanings and emotions. Whether you're talking about an 'imminent' event that's about to happen, a 'second' or 'third' occurrence signaling repetition and pattern, or the warmth and familiarity of a 'home coming', each adjective brings its own flavor. When referring to something 'personal', the adjective adds a layer of intimacy and individuality, emphasizing the direct effect or connection. Exploring the array of adjectives that frequently accompany 'coming' opens up a myriad of storytelling possibilities. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives to discover how each can alter your narrative's tone and intent.
secondPeople believe that the second coming will bring about a new age of peace and prosperity.
imminentThe imminent coming of the storm had everyone on edge.
hisWe are looking forward to his coming
thirdThe third coming of the Messiah is a central tenet of the Baha'i faith.
personalThe personal coming of Christ is a day to be revered.
afterI felt relieved after coming home from work.
immediateThe immediate coming of the train was announced.
speedyWe're expecting a speedy coming end to this difficult year.
finalWe were counting down the days until that final coming
gloriousThe glorious coming of the Lord is a cause for great joy.
andThe rain was falling hard and coming down sideways.
traditionalI'm looking forward to the traditional coming together of our family this Thanksgiving.
betterThey deserve better coming from you.
futureHe is looking forward to the bright future coming
kingdomThe kingdom coming shall be glorious
spiritualI experienced a spiritual coming when I visited the temple.
thyThy coming filled the air with an ethereal presence.
netShe found a net coming from her neighbor's yard.
itsIts coming soon.
suddenThe sudden coming of the rain soaked them to the skin.
coldThe cold coming of winter is upon us.
classicThe classic coming of the high tide was on full display.
eternalThe eternal coming of the Savior was promised long ago.
yourI am eagerly looking forward to your coming
premillennialI believe in the premillennial coming of Christ.
notI'm not coming to the party tonight.
visibleThe visible coming of the spaceship was a magnificent sight.
ourWe eagerly anticipate our coming adventure.
technologicalThe technological coming will bring great progress to our life.
whatWhat coming after the spring?
yellowThe yellow coming is bright and cheerful.
areThey are coming to my party tomorrow.
apocalypticThe apocalyptic coming of the meteor was a sight to behold.
slowThe slow coming winter weather brought snow and ice.
extrinsicThe extrinsic coming of the new CEO brought about a lot of changes in the company.
nearThe time for the party is near coming
preWe're pre coming to see our friends.}
awfulThere’s nothing worse than awful coming to awful.
impendingThe impending coming of winter sent shivers down everyone's spine.
proximateThe proximate coming of the new year has brought a sense of anticipation and excitement.
calledThey were called coming home by their parents.
loudThe loud coming of the storm worried everyone.
influentialThe influential coming of the new CEO has reshaped the company culture.
triumphantAmidst the thunderous applause, the triumphant coming of the victor was a sight to behold.
foreI will try my best to provide excellent service in the fore coming days
ladyThe lady coming toward me was my neighbor.
wilderThe wilder coming winds seemed to rip apart the leaves from the trees.
eventualOur eventual coming together was nothing short of a miracle.
driftThe drift coming off the lake was cold and misty.

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