Adjectives for Command

Adjectives For Command

Explore the most commonly used adjectives for 'command' such as high, military, supreme, and second. Our curated list offers a deep dive into the descriptive language surrounding command, providing insights and examples for each adjective. Perfect for writers and communicators looking to enhance their vocabulary.

highThe high command met to discuss the battle plans.
militaryThe military command issued a swift response to the threat.
supremeThe commander is in supreme command of the forces.
secondThe second command was to find the hidden treasure.
chiefThe chief command is to protect and serve the people.
divineThe divine command echoes in the hearts of the faithful.
immediateThe immediate command is to evacuate the building.
fullThe general had full command of his army.
singleI need a single command
unifiedThe unified command structure streamlined the disaster response effort.
entireThe entire command structure is broken into subcommands.
germanThe German command had to determine its next move.
completeShe had complete command over her emotions.
royalThe king issued a royal command to his subjects.
overallThe overall command of the army was given to the most experienced general.
britishThe British command was resolute in its determination to win the battle.
higherThe higher command gave us the order to move out immediately.
absoluteThe overlord's absolute command sent shivers down their spines.
assumedThe newly promoted captain assumed command of the ship.
temporaryThe general took temporary command of the division.
perfectI have a perfect command of the English language.
jointThe military joint command coordinated the response to the disaster.
navalThe naval command directed the fleet to engage the enemy.
centralThe central command issued orders to the field units.
soleShe has sole command of her apartment.
selfThe general exhibited exemplary self command during the battle.
imperialThe imperial command was to seize the city and hold it until reinforcements arrived.
operationalThe general assumed operational command of the army.
sharpThe commander gave a sharp command to the soldiers.
verbalPlease execute the verbal command
sternThe captain issued a stern command to the crew.
expressThe sergeant barked an express command to the new recruits.
appropriatePlease use the appropriate command to complete this task.
topYou can use the 'top command' to monitor your system's performance.
japaneseThe japanese command was clear and concise.
selectThe select command is used to retrieve data from a database.
nominalThe sergeant gave a nominal command
sufficientHer knowledge of Spanish gave her sufficient command to translate the report.
tacticalThe tactical command was assigned to the newly promoted captain.
deleteThe delete command removed the data from the database.
russianThe russian command issued a statement last week.
peremptoryThe judge issued a peremptory command to the jury.
savePress 'S' to execute 'save command'
readyThe captain gave the crew the ready command
formatThe format command can be used to display text in a specific format.
globalThe general issued a global command over the radio.
secondinThe secondin command stepped forward to take the lead.
dosI used the dos command to view the contents of the directory.

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