Adjectives for Comment

Adjectives For Comment

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing comment, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the noun 'comment' can significantly alter the perception and impact of a message. A 'brief' comment might suggest succinctness and efficiency, whereas a 'further' comment indicates ongoing discussion or additional thoughts. An 'editorial' comment carries the weight of opinion and analysis, often swaying the reader's perspective. The 'final' comment could signal the end of a conversation, asserting authority or concluding a debate. Opting for 'little' or 'much' before 'comment' can subtly highlight the speaker's attitude towards the quantity or value of the commentary. Each adjective, hence, not only describes but also imbues the noun with distinct nuances and connotations. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover how each can uniquely color your comments.
furtherI have no further comment
editorialThe editorial comment provided important context for the story.
finalYou were patient enough to listen to my final comment
briefThe brief comment was insightful.
littleSome teams offer little comment on the news that their players have tested positive for the coronavirus.
muchShe didn't leave much comment in her resignation letter.
criticalThe critical comment on the article was very harsh.
publicPublic comment is open to all participants.
lastI can't forget your last comment
generalThe court made a general comment about the case.
fairThe defence of fair comment allows criticism of a public figure, provided it is made without malice and is based on facts.
adverseThe adverse comment on the social media platform quickly went viral.
favorableI received a favorable comment from my boss.
additionalThe company has many additional comment
similarShe made a similar comment about the weather.
considerableThe professor's theory attracted considerable comment from the academic community.
typicalIs he making a typical comment?
frequentThe frequent comment on the article was that it was well-written.
contemporaryThe contemporary comment elucidated the significance of the event.
sarcasticA sarcastic comment is like a gift, except it's wrapped in barbs and dripping with sarcasm.
earlierPlease refer to my earlier comment for more information.
unfavorableThe newspaper published an unfavorable comment about the new mayor.
significantThe author made a significant comment on the book.
detailedThe detailed comment was written in response to the question.
officialThe official comment was not annexed to the regulation.
marginalThe marginal comment provided additional context to the text.
bitterShe made a bitter comment about her ex-boyfriend.
explanatoryThe statement contains an explanatory comment
occasionalThe politician greeted the voters, making an occasional comment to the reporters.
extendedThis is an extended comment
appropriateThis is an appropriate comment
wry"Don't take my word for it," she said with a wry comment
famousThe famous comment "I think, therefore I am," is attributed to the philosopher René Descartes.
casualHe made a casual comment about his divorce.
favourableThe company received a favourable comment from a customer.
worthYou seem to know a lot about this, your comment is worth comment
introductoryThe introductory comment was that the sentence should be short.
sadHe left a sad comment on her post.
unfavourableThe newspaper published an unfavourable comment about the politician's speech.
hostileThe hostile comment upset the audience.
extensiveThis is an extensive comment
abovePlease see the above comment for further details.
curiousHer curious comment raised many eyebrows.
revealingHe made a revealing comment about his true feelings.
causticHer caustic comment cut through the room like acid.
explicitThe explicit comment was unnecessary.
perceptiveThe perceptive comment cut through the superficiality of the conversation.
authorialIn the quaint little town, authorial comment the aroma of freshly baked bread wafted through the air.
pertinentPlease include any pertinent comments you may have on the matter.
terseI didn't appreciate his terse comment
sharpThe witty presenter made sharp comments throughout the speech.
obviousThat's an obvious comment
cynicalThe cynical comment about the meaningless work he did made him quit his job.
sardonicThe sardonic comment cut through the conversation like a knife.
writtenThe written comment was very helpful.
crypticHe left a cryptic comment on the whiteboard, leaving everyone wondering what he meant.
shrewdShe made a shrewd comment about the company's financial situation.
illuminatingHis illuminating comment shed new light on the subject.

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