Adjectives for Comments

Adjectives For Comments

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing comments, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'comments' can profoundly alter the perceived value and intention behind the feedback. For instance, 'helpful comments' suggests actionable advice that can lead to improvements, while 'critical comments' might highlight areas of concern, sometimes feeling harsh but often intended to foster growth. A 'few comments' indicates brevity, possibly pointing to either a lack of issues or a lack of engagement, whereas 'general comments' may lack the specificity needed to enact change. When adjectives like 'valuable' are attached, it elevates the comments' worth, indicating that they hold significant insights or constructive feedback. Each adjective layers an additional nuance to 'comments,' inviting readers to understand not just what is being said, but how it is being presented and its potential impact. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'comments' to grasp the diverse contexts and implications these combinations can bring.
helpfulI appreciate your helpful comments on my essay.
fewShe only received a few comments on her social media post.
generalThe CEO responded to the general comments but ignored the specific questions.
criticalThe movie received critical comments that pointed out its confusing plot.
suchShe was upset by such comments
valuableThe professor provided valuable comments on the student's research paper.
furtherThe election results will be published soon, so please refrain from further comments
additionalHis additional comments were very informative.
briefShe gave brief comments about the weather during the broadcast.
usefulUseful comments provide valuable feedback and suggestions.
negativeWe received many negative comments about the product.
similarShe added she had also received similar comments from friends.
positiveHer positive comments made me feel so much better about myself.
detailedThis is a sentence with detailed comments
insightful"Insightful comments can shed light on complex issues."
constructiveThe teacher provided constructive comments on the student's essay.
finalI'll conclude my speech with some final comments
interestingThe professor had some very interesting comments about the book.
editorialThe editorial comments were insightful and helped me to improve my writing.
introductoryThe children responded with excitement to the introductory comments made during the presentation.
favorableThe manager received numerous favorable comments on her performance review.
abovePlease review the above comments and make necessary changes.
earlierI referred to all of, I think, my earlier comments on, you know, climate change and your, you know, position.
thoughtfulShe always leaves thoughtful comments on his blog posts.
marginalThe professor wrote marginal comments in red ink.
numerousThe article generated numerous comments
adverseThe adverse comments made me feel down.
explanatoryThree members of the opposition party met in a hotel room to discuss their explanatory comments
perceptiveHer perceptive comments provided us with a fresh perspective on the situation
derogatoryI was not surprised that her derogatory comments about men caused many to express their outrage.
occasionalShe often gives occasional comments about dresses.
typicalJohn’s typical comments are always interesting.
concludingI would like to make a few concluding comments about the paper.
invaluableThe invaluable comments helped me to improve my work significantly.
appropriateThe students made appropriate comments during the discussion.
pertinentThe article included pertinent comments from experts in the field.
verbalThe teacher ignored the student's verbal comments
foregoingI have reviewed the foregoing comments and find them to be satisfactory.
disparagingHe directed disparaging comments towards the opposing team's coach.
incisiveThe journalist's incisive comments provoked a range of reactions.
frequentShe collects frequent comments from her critics.
spontaneousHer spontaneous comments kept the meeting lively.
preliminaryWe would like to make some preliminary comments before moving forward.
relevantShe made several relevant comments during the meeting.
snideHer snide comments made me feel uncomfortable.
unfavorableThe article contained several unfavorable comments about the company.
contemporaryJournalists made contemporary comments on the need for more transparency in government.
suggestiveShe made several suggestive comments during the presentation.
favourableThe article received many favourable comments
causticHer caustic comments stung like a whip, leaving emotional scars that took years to heal.
bitterHer bitter comments stung like a swarm of bees.
hostileHe was criticized for making hostile comments about his opponent.
casualHer casual comments were full of wisdom.
rudeHer rude comments made everyone feel uncomfortable.
inappropriateThey were fired for making inappropriate comments during the interview.
sharpSarah's sharp comments made the meeting tense.
supportiveThe teacher provided supportive comments throughout the student's presentation.
informalI received a few informal comments regarding the report.

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