Adjectives for Commerce

Adjectives For Commerce

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing commerce, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced world of commerce through adjectives reveals a tapestry of interaction, heritage, and innovation. Whether describing 'interstate commerce,' with its complex tapestry of regional exchange, or delving into 'foreign commerce,' which crosses borders and connects cultures, each adjective unlocks a new facet of economic activity. 'Electronic commerce,' on the other hand, speaks to the unstoppable march of technology, transforming traditional transactions into digital delight. Meanwhile, adjectives like 'American' and 'British' hint at the geographical and historical influences that shape commerce practices, while 'international commerce' encompasses the global stage of trade and exchange. Dive deeper into the linguistic landscape of commerce with our full list of adjectives, each revealing unique perceptions and practices.
interstateThe company's trucks were involved in interstate commerce and were subject to federal regulations.
foreignThe company's foreign commerce operations include exporting goods to over 50 countries.
electronicElectronic commerce commonly known as e-commerce, is the buying and selling of goods and services using the internet.
americanWith American commerce expanding westward, the B&O Railroad emerged as a means to connect the East Coast to the Midwest.
internationalInternational commerce has been severely disrupted by the pandemic.
britishFlourishing British commerce allowed the nation to become a global superpower.
maritimeMaritime commerce has been a major driver of global trade for centuries.
englishEnglish commerce is a vital part of the global economy.
internalThe government imposed tariffs on internal commerce which led to increased prices for consumers.
extensiveThe town prospered from its extensive commerce with the East.
domesticThe domestic commerce of the United States is a complex and multifaceted system.
modernModern commerce relies heavily on technology for efficient and seamless transactions.
europeanEuropean commerce has been growing rapidly in recent years.
freeFree commerce allows for the exchange of goods and services without government interference.
neutralThe law was written to prevent the obstruction of neutral commerce
frenchFrench commerce is thriving in the global market.
externalThe trade minister said external commerce amounts to 70% of the country's GDP.
colonialColonial commerce fostered economic growth in the New World.
intrastateIntrastate commerce includes the sale of goods or services within a single state.
overseasThe company focused on overseas commerce to expand its business.
legitimateThe company has been engaged in legitimate commerce for many years.
considerableThey generated considerable commerce in the sale of their exports.
activeThe merchants have been in active commerce since the establishment of the city.
spanishSpanish commerce is thriving.
borneThe growth of the internet has borne commerce opportunities that were unimaginable just a few decades ago.
globalGlobal commerce is the exchange of goods and services across international borders.
indianThe Indian commerce sector is growing rapidly.
stateThe Supreme Court ruled that state commerce is not subject to federal regulation.
dutchDutch commerce has grown from a lesser-valued tradition to being a major global industry.
profitableThe new trade routes enabled the kingdom to establish profitable commerce with distant lands.
mobileMobile commerce is a form of electronic commerce that allows consumers to make purchases using their mobile devices.
lucrativeThe lucrative commerce in spices brought great wealth to the region.
flourishingThe flourishing commerce of the city attracted traders from far and wide.
peacefulPeaceful commerce fostered economic growth and prosperity throughout the region.
vastThe vast commerce of the city was a testament to its prosperity.
seaborneSeaborne commerce has been a key driver of economic growth for centuries.
russianRussian commerce is booming with the rise of the internet.
illicitThe authorities were cracking down on illicit commerce in the city.
extendedThe new extended commerce platform offers a wide range of features that allow businesses to grow their online sales.
lawfulThe industry group argued that the legislation would unconstitutionally infringe on lawful commerce
pettyThe petty commerce of the street vendors was not enough to support his family.
scaleThe company utilized scale commerce to reduce their costs.
thrivingThe city's thriving commerce brought prosperity to its inhabitants.
atlanticThe sinking of the Titanic had a profound impact on Atlantic commerce
waterborneA major source of pollution is the discharge of waste into waterways from waterborne commerce
retailRetail commerce is the sale of goods or services to consumers through multiple channels of distribution.
immenseThe city's economy was driven by immense commerce
prosperousThe kingdom enjoyed prosperous commerce with its neighbors.
orientalThe oriental commerce of the Roman Empire was very extensive.
onlineOnline commerce has become increasingly popular in recent years.
venetianThe Venetian commerce flourished because of its connections with the East.
irishThe development of irish commerce was the cause of the decline of the Danish towns.
medievalMedieval commerce was dominated by guilds.
westThe west commerce is booming.
distanceDistance commerce offers goods and services without the need for physical interaction between buyers and sellers.

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