Adjectives for Commission

Adjectives For Commission

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing commission, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjective with the noun 'commission' can significantly alter the connotation and focus of your statement, inviting a rich palette of contexts and interpretations. A 'special commission' may evoke a sense of unique purpose or occasion, whereas a 'new commission' implies recent formation or initiation. The term 'royal commission' brings an air of authority and traditional prestige, while 'first commission' suggests pioneering beginnings. In contrast, 'joint commission' denotes collaboration and 'military commission' aligns with defense or strategic interests. Each adjective not only describes but also enriches the noun with specific shades of meaning, providing a nuanced understanding of the commission's nature or purpose. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'commission' below.
specialThe special commission investigated the corruption allegations against the politician.
newShe had received a new commission to paint a portrait of the mayor.
royalThe royal commission recommended a number of changes to the way the government operates.
firstMy first commission as an artist was a portrait of the mayor.
jointThe Joint commission is an independent, non-profit organization that accredits and certifies healthcare organizations and programs in the United States.
militaryThe military commission sentenced the accused to life in prison.
presidentialThe presidential commission is conducting a thorough investigation into the recent scandal.
internationalThe international commission investigated the allegations of human rights abuses.
independentThe independent commission will investigate the allegations of wrongdoing.
permanentThe officer was granted a permanent commission in the army after serving for several years.
publicThe public commission will meet next week to discuss the proposed zoning changes.
nationalThe National commission approved the new policy.
divineThe divine commission was a task that the gods had given to him.
subShe earns a sub commission on all her sales.
federalThe new federal commission will investigate the recent market crash.
mixedThe mixed commission investigated the allegations of human rights violations.
secondHe was given a second commission to paint a portrait of the king.
civilThe civil commission has been established to investigate the incident.
electoralThe Independent National Electoral commission of Nigeria (INEC) is the body responsible for conducting elections in the country.
memberThe member commission will meet to discuss the new proposal.
fullHer job is full commission so she only gets paid when she makes a sale.
historicalThe historical commission is charged with preserving the city's heritage.
regulatoryThe regulatory commission approved the new regulations.
manThe man commission was created to investigate the matter.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary commission convened to investigate the allegations of corruption.
officialWith an official commission from the king, the explorer set sail to discover new lands.
industrialOur company was required to report the incident to the state's industrial commission
interstateThe interstate commission approved the construction of a new bridge.
ecclesiasticalThe ecclesiastical commission is responsible for the governance of the Church of England.
rovingThe war reporter was given a roving commission to cover the conflict from all angles.
separateThe building houses the headquarters of three separate commissions.
judicialThe judicial commission is investigating the allegations of misconduct against the judge.
regionalThe regional commission has the authority to approve local development plans.
regularThe regular commission for sales representatives is 10% of the total sales amount.
equalThe two brokers both earned an equal commission from the sale of the house.
advisoryThe advisory commission met to discuss the proposed changes.
bipartisanA bipartisan commission was formed to investigate the causes of the disaster.
constitutionalThe elected constitutional commission reviewed the proposed amendment.
temporaryThe temporary commission includes all sales representatives in the Boston office.
administrativeThe administrative commission is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization.
legislativeThe legislative commission discussed the new bill in depth.
municipalThe municipal commission approved the construction of a new park in the city.
straightSusan receives straight commission on each property she sells.
papalThe papal commission recommended a reformulation of the doctrine of infant baptism.
secretThe company was accused of paying a secret commission to the official.
extraordinaryShe was proud to showcase the extraordinary commission her art had received.
executiveThe executive commission met to discuss the company's financial performance.
belgianThe Belgian commission has been investigating the incident for several weeks.
preparatoryThe preparatory commission discussed the details of the upcoming conference.
calledThe artist called commission is due next week.
technicalThe technical commission will review the new proposal tomorrow.
commerceThe Commerce commission opposed the acquisition, but the Court of Appeal ruled against it.
sanitaryDuring the Civil War, the United States Sanitary commission provided medical care and supplies to the Union Army.
expertI asked the expert commission to investigate the matter further.
governmentalThe governmental commission will release its report next week.
imperialThe imperial commission traveled throughout the land, seeking out the most talented artisans to create works of art for the emperor's palace.
apostolicThe Great Commission refers to the apostolic commission given to the disciples of Jesus Christ.
impartialThe impartial commission thoroughly investigated the allegations and came to a fair conclusion.

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