Adjectives for Committee

Adjectives For Committee

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing committee, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the nuanced world of formality and function, the adjectives paired with 'committee' significantly shift its implication and authority. An 'executive committee' conveys a sense of decision-making power, while a 'special committee' often implies a temporary formation for a specific purpose. The 'sub committee' hints at a subdivision of a larger group, focusing on more detailed tasks. With 'central' echoing a core, pivotal role and 'joint' suggesting collaboration across different segments, these modifiers finely tune a committee's perceived role and scope. 'Advisory' further colors the committee with an essence of counsel rather than direct action. Each adjective unveils a layer of complexity in organizational dynamics. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the intricacies they reveal about committees below.
executiveThe executive committee met every week to discuss the company's strategy.
specialThe special committee met to discuss the company's finances.
subThe sub committee discussed the proposal for the new project.
centralThe party's central committee met to discuss the upcoming election.
jointThe joint committee convened to discuss the issue of climate change.
advisoryThe advisory committee recommended the approval of the new policy.
selectThe select committee investigated the allegations of voter fraud.
nationalThe national committee held a meeting to discuss the upcoming election.
localThe local committee is responsible for organizing the event.
congressionalThe congressional committee is investigating the allegations of corruption.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary committee convened to investigate the issue.
legislativeThe legislative committee voted to approve the bill.
fullThe full committee met to discuss the budget.
permanentThe permanent committee met to discuss the new proposal.
hocThe hoc committee will meet to discuss the budget.
memberThe member committee has been working diligently on the new project.
democraticThe democratic committee met to discuss the upcoming election.
secretThe secret committee met in a hidden location to discuss the sensitive issue.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary committee had succeeded in overthrowing the government and establishing a new order.
internationalThe international committee met to discuss the issue.
manThe man committee agreed to meet again next week.
technicalThe technical committee reviewed the proposal.
republicanThe republican committee discussed the new bill.
regionalThe members of the regional committee are responsible for the administration of the organization.
expertThe expert committee met to discuss the latest findings.
provincialHe was the former Party Secretary of the Provincial committee
ordinatingThe financial assistance is requested to facilitate the installation of a coordinating committee for poultry farmers at the country level.
appropriateHe asked the appropriate committee to look into the matter.
consultativeThe consultative committee will be meeting tomorrow.
departmentalThe departmental committee voted to approve the new policy.
powerfulThe powerful committee members convened to discuss the pressing matter.
officialThe official committee convened to discuss the matter.
coordinatingThe coordinating committee is responsible for overseeing the project's progress.
provisionalThe provisional committee has been set up to explore the feasibility of the project.
administrativeThe administrative committee reviewed the proposed budget.
independentResearch firms can benefit by having an independent committee review their research process.
separateThe separate committee will meet next week to discuss the proposed changes.
presidentialPresident-elect Joe Biden has set up a presidential committee to promote unity within the country.
grandThe grand committee discussed the proposed changes to the legislation.
judicialThe judicial committee considered the evidence against the defendant.
representativeThe representative committee met to discuss the proposed changes.
senateThe senate committee voted on the bill last week.
temporaryThe temporary committee was set up to investigate the matter.
preparatoryThe preparatory committee is responsible for organizing the conference.
municipalThe municipal committee approved the new zoning regulations.
ministerialThe ministerial committee discussed the proposal in detail.
calledThe so-called committee met on Thursday afternoon.
levelWe can form a level committee to study this proposal in-depth.
constitutionalThe constitutional committee was tasked with drafting a new constitution.
informalAn informal committee met to discuss the issue.
supervisoryThe supervisory committee of the student body council met to discuss the upcoming elections.
disciplinaryThe disciplinary committee is responsible for investigating and adjudicating reports of misconduct.
interimThe interim committee met to discuss the new policies.
editorialThe editorial committee will review the submitted papers and select the best for publication.
relevantThe relevant committee will consider the proposal at its next meeting.
influentialThe influential committee met to discuss the future of the company.
investigativeThe investigative committee thoroughly examined the evidence and concluded that the suspect was guilty.
appointedThe appointed committee will review the proposed changes.

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