Adjectives for Communication

Adjectives For Communication

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing communication, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The art of communication can be profoundly impacted by the choice of adjectives that precede it. Whether it's a personal note that touches the heart, a private conversation meant for ears only, the direct communication that leaves no room for misinterpretation, the effective exchange that achieves its purpose, or the nuances between verbal versus mass communication mediums, each adjective unveils a unique dimension. Understanding these nuances allows for richer and more meaningful interactions. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with communication to enhance your understanding and use of this essential human skill.
personalI received this information through personal communication with the author.
privateThis information is based on a private communication
directWe must establish direct communication with the office.
effectiveEffective communication is the process of conveying information in a way that is understood and acted on by the recipient.
verbalWe primarily rely on verbal communication to express ourselves.
massMass communication has the power to shape public opinion and influence our daily lives.
nonverbalSarah was excellent at reading her boyfriend's nonverbal communication cues.
interpersonalEffective interpersonal communication is vital for fostering strong and meaningful relationships and facilitating collaboration.
humanHuman communication is a complex and multifaceted process involving both verbal and nonverbal cues.
oralEffective oral communication is essential for success in both professional and personal life.
openOpen communication is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship.
wayThe way communication is handled in this company needs a lot of improvement.
freeThe company's emphasis on free communication inspired creativity and innovation among its employees.
constantThe team's constant communication ensured they were always on the same page.
interculturalIntercultural communication involves the exchange of information and ideas across different cultures
electronicJohn facilitated the meeting using electronic communication
internalInternal communication is the process of conveying information within an organization.
poorThe project failed due to poor communication between the team members.
internationalInternational communication is essential for promoting understanding and cooperation among nations.
clearClear communication is vital for effective teamwork.
organizationalEffective organizational communication helps to ensure that employees are informed and engaged.
visualVisual communication is the key to efficient and impactful communication.
telegraphicThe telegram sent a telegraphic communication to the recipient.
faceFace communication is a way of expressing oneself through facial expressions.
regularWe maintain regular communication to keep our team on the same page.
easyThis project will enable easy communication and collaboration between scientists.
mediatedMediated communication is communication that takes place through a medium, such as a telephone or email.
culturalCultural communication is the process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, and experiences between individuals from different cultures.
wirelessWireless communication allows devices to connect to the internet and other devices without the use of cables.
successfulAttentive listening is key to successful communication
informalDuring our informal communication we talked about the upcoming family reunion.
officialThe official communication will be published tomorrow.
closeWe must maintain close communication with our clients to ensure their satisfaction.
rapidThe team collaborated effectively through rapid communication
frequentMaintaining frequent communication is essential for effective teamwork.
linguisticLinguistic communication is the process of transmitting information using words or other symbols.
formalWe use formal communication to maintain a professional tone in the workplace.
meaningfulMeaningful communication fosters understanding and connection.
persuasivePersuasive communication effectively conveys a message to influence the beliefs and actions of an audience.
symbolicSymbolic communication is a process of using symbols to communicate ideas and information.
honestHonest communication requires vulnerability and transparency.
confidentialThis conversation is a confidential communication protected by the attorney-client privilege.
patientThe nurse used patient communication to explain the procedure to the anxious patient.
privilegedDuring their meeting, their conversation was protected by privileged communication
writtenWritten communication is a form of communication that uses written language to convey information.
asynchronousThe asynchronous communication method ensures that the sender and receiver do not have to be available at the same time.
globalThe rise of global communication has significantly impacted international relations.
intercellularIntercellular communication is the process by which cells communicate with each other.
divineSarah experienced divine communication through her prayers.
dailyEffective daily communication is essential for maintaining strong relationships.
instantInstant communication has made the world a smaller place.
vocalParrots use vocal communication to interact with each other.
efficientEfficient communication ensures clarity and effectiveness in conveying messages.
secretThe secret communication was intercepted by the NSA.
interThe inter communication between the two departments was essential for the project's success.
interprocessInterprocess communication allows different processes to exchange data and synchronize their actions.
synchronousThe synchronous communication channel allowed for real-time interaction between the parties.
upwardUpward communication involves employees sharing their feedback with managers.
mutualThe engineers emphasized the importance of mutual communication during complex projects.
everydayEveryday communication involves exchanging information, ideas, and feelings between people.
improvedImproved communication can bridge gaps and foster stronger relationships.
adequateAdequate communication helps avoid confusion and errors.
interactiveInteractive communication fosters collaboration and shared understanding by encouraging two-way dialogue.
emotionalWords can only convey the intellectual part of a message; tone of voice conveys the emotional communication
instantaneousThe scientist was able to achieve instantaneous communication with colleagues in other countries.
therapeuticTherapeutic communication involves active listening and empathetic responses to foster a positive and supportive environment.
telephonicThe telephonic communication was clear and concise.
basedThe effective based communication helped bring about a timely resolution.
satelliteSatellite communication allows for the transmission of data, voice, and video signals across vast distances.
digitalDigital communication has transformed the way we connect and share information.
preliminaryThe preliminary communication was sent out to the stakeholders.
ongoingThe ongoing communication between the two parties helped resolve the conflict peacefully.

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