Adjectives for Communications

Adjectives For Communications

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing communications, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The adjectives used with the noun 'communications' significantly affect its understanding and context. 'Personal' communications often evoke a sense of intimate, one-on-one conversations, while 'electronic' suggests a medium that is digital, modern, and possibly global-reaching. 'Internal' communications hint at discussions within an organization, crucial for its operations. Meanwhile, 'wireless' communications underscore the technological advancements enabling connectivity without physical constraints. In contrast, 'poor' communications can lead to misunderstandings, highlighting the quality and effectiveness of the exchange. 'Private' communications, on the other hand, emphasize confidentiality and selectiveness in the audience. Each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning, painting a more precise picture. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives most commonly used with 'communications' to grasp the varied nuances they introduce.
personalI learned about the new findings through personal communications with the lead author.
electronicElectronic communications are a great way to stay in touch with friends and family.
internalInternal communications must be improved for greater transparency and efficiency within the organization.
wirelessWireless communications are rapidly evolving, enabling the transfer of data and information over greater distances without the need for physical cables.
poorThe poor communications led to a series of misunderstandings.
privateHe released the private communications of his opponent in order to damage her reputation.
modernModern communications are essential for staying connected in today's world.
mobileMobile communications have revolutionized the way we stay connected.
officialThe company sent official communications to all employees.
directThe team used direct communications to coordinate the project.
verbalVerbal communications can be effective in conveying complex information.
internationalThe company's international communications team is responsible for managing the company's global communications strategy.
confidentialOur company's confidential communications are protected by encryption.
effectiveEffective communications are essential for maintaining良好的relationships.
betterBetter communications are required for effective collaboration.
improvedImproved communications between the team members led to a more efficient workflow.
globalGlobal communications have transformed the way we live and work.
digitalDigital communications have revolutionized the way we interact and connect.
corporateThe corporate communications team is responsible for managing the company's public image.
opticalThe company will use the newly developed optical communications technology in its new line of products.
privilegedAttorneys and their clients often engage in privileged communications
satelliteSatellite communications provided reliable connectivity in remote areas.
openOpen communications can help foster trust and understanding within a team.
oralOral communications involves interacting in person or over the phone.
secureThe secure communications system prevented unauthorized access to sensitive information.
militaryThe military communications system was down for maintenance.
persuasiveThe persuasive communications campaign was successful in changing public opinion.
secretThe secret communications were intercepted by the intelligence agency.
interpersonalInterpersonal communications are crucial for building strong and meaningful relationships
evilEvil communications corrupt good manners.
externalThe company's external communications team is responsible for managing the company's relationships with the media and the public.
informalHe used informal communications to convey his message.
formalFormal communications are often used in professional settings.
telegraphicThe telegraphic communications were brief and to the point.
frequentFrequent communications help to maintain a healthy relationship.
nonverbalNonverbal communications can convey emotions, thoughts, and intentions even without words.
divineThe divine communications guide his life, so he is always at peace.
anonymousHe sent an anonymous communications to the news organization.
regularWe maintain regular communications with our clients.
postalUse postal communications to reach me.
rapidRapid communications are needed to ensure timely dissemination of information.
commercial"Would you like to see commercial communications for this initiative?" he asked.
asynchronousThe team uses asynchronous communications for distributed collaboration.
visualVisual communications is the process of conveying information through visual elements such as images, charts, and graphs.
reliableReliable communications ensured seamless coordination during the operation.
serialThe system uses serial communications to send data to the printer.
integratedIntegrated communications is a strategic approach to marketing communications that seeks to create a unified customer experience across all channels.
diplomaticDiplomatic communications between the two countries were severed.
numerousNumerous communications were exchanged between the parties involved in the dispute.
distanceDistance communications have become essential in the modern world.
synchronousSynchronous communications are typically used in applications where real-time response is critical.
easyThe availability of smartphones has facilitated easy communications
maritimeMaritime communications ensure the safe and efficient flow of information between ships and shore-based stations.
multimediaOur organization is utilizing multimedia communications to enhance employee engagement and customer satisfaction.
onlineThe company uses online communications to connect with customers.
subsequentWe will not be responsible for any subsequent communications
speedThe speed communications were fast and efficient.
mailBob went into his mail communications to check if he had any new mail.
excellentThe team is looking for a candidate with excellent communications
adequateThe company has adequate communications with its customers
instantInstant communications have revolutionized the way we interact with each other.
japaneseJapanese communications are complex and nuanced.
efficientOptimized supply lines are easily facilitated through efficient communications
cellularCellular communications are the means by which mobile devices communicate with each other.
interactiveInteractive communications enable real-time collaboration and engagement between users.
electricalWe had electrical communications with the base all day.

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