Adjectives for Companies

Adjectives For Companies

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing companies, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'companies' can significantly alter the perception and specificity of the information being conveyed. Descriptors such as 'other,' 'many,' 'large,' 'private,' and 'foreign' highlight various aspects of companies, from their size and ownership to their geographic origin and abundance. For instance, 'large companies' focuses on the size and potential influence of these entities, while 'private companies' emphasizes the nature of ownership and possibly the operational strategy. Moreover, adjectives like 'several' and 'many' offer a notion of quantity, hinting at the diversity or prevalence of companies within a context. Delve deeper into the nuances and implications of these descriptions with our comprehensive list of adjectives used to characterize 'companies'.
otherApple and Google are our biggest competitors, but we have many other companies to worry about.
manyMany companies are now offering flexible work arrangements.
largeThe investors are more skeptical of the stock of large companies
privateAfter the mergers, the number of private companies in the United States decreased significantly.
foreignMany foreign companies have expressed interest in investing in the country's growing economy.
severalSeveral companies are looking to hire new employees.
mostMost companies are always looking for new ways to increase their profits.
smallSmall companies often have fewer resources than large companies.
americanAmerican companies continue to thrive.
majorSeveral major companies have pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
japaneseMany Japanese companies are investing in the country's future.
publicSeveral public companies are reporting lower revenues this quarter.
bigBig companies have a lot of power and influence.
smallerThe smaller companies often have less funding than larger companies.
variousVarious companies are offering incentives to employees who get vaccinated.
pharmaceuticalThe pharmaceutical companies are constantly developing new and improved drugs to treat diseases.
localMany local companies have been affected by the recent economic downturn.
multinationalThe growth of multinational companies has led to increased globalization and interconnectedness.
largestThe largest companies in the world are often publicly traded corporations.
largerLarger companies often have more resources and a wider range of products.
individualEach of the individual companies involved in the project had its own unique set of challenges to overcome.
independentThere are three independent companies within the larger corporation.
commercialCommercial companies are profit-driven organizations that provide goods and services to consumers.
industrialInvestment in green technology stocks increased concurrently with the growing power of industrial companies
ownedThe company owned companies in multiple countries.
internationalThe international companies have been working to expand their operations in different countries.
europeanMany european companies are struggling to find qualified workers.
jointJoint companies typically work together to achieve a common goal.
stockThe managers of the two stock companies met to discuss the merger.
limitedMany limited companies are registered in the UK.
successfulSuccessful companies use a combination of strategies to achieve their goals.
domesticDomestic companies are struggling to find workers willing to work for low wages.
mutualMutual companies such as insurance companies, are owned by their members.
topGoogle, Apple and Microsoft are top companies in the world.
germanSome of the most well-known German companies include Volkswagen, BMW, and Siemens.
westernWestern companies have been investing heavily in China in recent years.
electricElectric companies are responsible for providing electricity to homes and businesses.
chineseChinese companies are becoming increasingly active in global markets.
indianMany Indian companies are making a mark in the global market.
numerousNumerous companies attended the career fair.
separateThe two companies were owned by separate companies
canadianCanadian companies have been hit hard by the global pandemic.
rivalThe rival companies were constantly competing for market share.
regionalSeveral regional companies have expressed interest in the project.
globalMany global companies are exploring ways to reduce their carbon footprint.
affiliatedWe do business with many affiliated companies
transnationalThe transnational companies have a significant impact on the global economy.
leadingIt has become the norm for leading companies to implement stringent policies for data retention.
respectiveWe have discussed this with our respective companies and we are both eager to proceed.
techIBM is one of the oldest and largest tech companies in the world.
charteredThe chartered companies were also granted the right to establish colonies.
integratedThe company has grown both organically and through acquisitions since it was founded as a privately held company in 1978, and it now has integrated companies in more than 80 countries.
sizedMedium-sized companies often struggle to find the right balance between agility and scale.
biggestWhat are the biggest companies in the world by market capitalization?
koreanKorean companies are known for their innovation and quality.
relatedThe two related companies have similar names but different management teams.
giantNumerous giant companies have been forced to lay off thousands of employees due to the economic downturn.
overseasNumerous overseas companies have taken advantage of the cheap labor to establish manufacturing plants in the country.
theatricalMany theatrical companies put on plays in the park every summer.
controlled"controlled companies" are subsidiaries of a parent company.
associatedOur associated companies offer a diverse range of products and services.
australianAustralian companies are known for their innovation and resilience.
incorporatedMany incorporated companies are publicly traded.

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