Adjectives for Comparison

Adjectives For Comparison

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing comparison, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using different adjectives to describe a comparison can significantly change the nuance of the message you're trying to convey. A 'direct comparison' cuts straight to the heart of the matter, often in a blunt or straightforward manner. A 'detailed comparison,' on the other hand, delves deep into the specifics, highlighting minute differences or similarities. An 'interesting comparison' sparks curiosity, offering perhaps an unexpected viewpoint or connection. 'International' and 'social' comparisons expand the scope, bringing in cultural or societal dimensions. A 'careful comparison' suggests a thoughtful, measured approach, often to avoid overstating or understating the case. Each adjective brings its own flavor and focus, subtly altering the perception of the comparison. Discover the full array of adjectives that can enrich your comparisons below.
detailedThe detailed comparison of the two companies highlighted significant differences in their financial performance.
internationalThe company's financial performance was in line with international comparison
socialSocial comparison is the process of comparing oneself to others.
carefulTo make a careful comparison one must pay attention to the minute details.
quantitativeThe quantitative comparison of the two models showed that model A was significantly better than model B.
fairThe cars are similar, a fair comparison would be based on their performance
blindI did a blind comparison of the two products and found that I preferred the one on the left.
systematicThe systematic comparison of the two methods revealed significant differences in their accuracy.
briefThe data sets used for brief comparison of the performance of the two techniques differed in size.
furtherAs was established in further comparison the results are not conclusive
culturalA cultural comparison of the two countries revealed striking differences in their social customs.
prospectiveThe two companies did a prospective comparison of their sales figures.
randomizedOur scientists conducted a randomized comparison of the two substances.
statisticalThe statistical comparison showed a significant difference between the two groups.
visualThe visual comparison showed that the two images were nearly identical.
accurateThe financial report provided an accurate comparison of the company's performance over the past five years.
controlledResearchers conducted a controlled comparison of the treatment's effectiveness.
closeThe two paintings were placed in close comparison inviting viewers to scrutinize their similarities and differences.
criticalThe critical comparison of the two texts revealed striking differences in their perspectives on the issue.
usefulThe two options are very similar, but the second one is a useful comparison
experimentalThe experimental comparison of the two methods produced compelling results.
invidiousShe made invidious comparisons between the two children.
easyDrawing an easy comparison between two things can be achieved with a simple analogy.
possibleThe possible comparison between the two theories is striking.
betterThe better comparison would be a horse to a car.
clinicalTo facilitate clinical comparison the numbers for the three protein groups were expressed as percentages of the total protein.
roughThe rough comparison of the two numbers is that they are about the same.
empiricalThe empirical comparison of the two methods revealed significant differences in accuracy.
aboveThis is above comparison
constantDuring the qualitative analysis, researchers used the method of constant comparison
appropriateThe student's answer was an appropriate comparison to the question.
preciseThe precise comparison revealed that the two objects were of different sizes.
quickThe quick comparison showed significant differences.
extensiveThe team's meticulous analysis and extensive comparison of various strategies led to their remarkable performance.
overallOverall comparison of the results showed no statistical difference.
objectiveThe objective comparison of the two products revealed that the first product was more durable.
interpersonalMaya's interpersonal comparison led her to feel inadequate.
pairedThe paired comparison method is a statistical technique used to compare two alternatives.
preliminaryThe preliminary comparison revealed a number of discrepancies between the two datasets.
structuralThe structural comparison of the two buildings revealed significant differences in their design.
readyThe two paintings were displayed side by side, inviting ready comparison
obviousThe obvious comparison is between the two films.
closerThe repeated measurements allowed closer comparison
aptThe apt comparison highlighted the striking similarities between the two phenomena.
thoroughWe need a thorough comparison of the two proposals before making a decision.
multipleThe multiple comparison tests showed no significant differences between the groups.
comprehensiveThis comprehensive comparison examines the key differences between two products.
regionalThe regional comparison showed that the East Coast had a higher population density than the West Coast.
strikingShe and her sister were a striking comparison one was tall and graceful, while the other was short and stocky.
costIt is highly recommended to conduct a thorough cost comparison before making a decision.
unfavorableThe unfavorable comparison left him feeling inadequate.

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