Adjectives for Competition

Adjectives For Competition

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing competition, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe competition can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, offering deeper insight into its nature and intensity. Describing competition as foreign implies an outside challenge, possibly bringing fresh perspectives or challenges. An international competition suggests a grand scale, evoking images of a global stage. Labeling it as free might highlight its openness and accessibility, while perfect could suggest an ideal level of challenge and opportunity for growth. On the other hand, unfair competition raises questions of ethics and equality. Lastly, intense competition speaks to the high stakes and strong emotions involved. Dive into the nuances of each adjective and discover more about their relationship with competition in the full list below.
foreignThe company is facing stiff foreign competition
internationalThe team faced stiff international competition
freeThe free competition among enterprises promoted technological progress and market vitality.
perfectPerfect competition occurs when there are many buyers and many sellers in a market.
unfairThe company was accused of unfair competition
intenseThe intense competition between the two companies drove down prices and benefited consumers.
economicEconomic competition is a key driver of innovation and efficiency.
direct"Samsung" and "Apple" are direct competition in the mobile phone market.
fierceThe fierce competition among the candidates made the election particularly exciting.
globalThe company faces intense global competition from similar companies.
monopolisticMonopolistic competition is a market structure in which many producers sell differentiated products.
politicalPolitical competition between the two candidates was fierce during the election season.
openThe open competition attracted a wide range of talented singers.
imperfectImperfect competition occurs when firms have some degree of market power and can influence the price of the product or service they sell.
fairFair competition is the best way to ensure that everyone has a chance to succeed.
pureIn pure competition individual firms have no market power and sell identical products.
keenThe sales team faced keen competition from their rivals.
strongThe job market is experiencing strong competition due to the high number of applicants.
stiffThe athlete faced stiff competition in the race.
effectiveThere is effective competition among the companies in the industry.
greaterThe global market is facing greater competition due to the emergence of new technologies.
muchThere was much competition among the students to get into the university.
severeYour product will face severe competition
seriousThe project faced serious competition from other companies.
potentialOur potential competition is growing rapidly.
interspecificInterspecific competition is the competition between individuals of different species for resources.
athleticThe athletic competition was fierce, with each competitor giving their all.
electoralThe increase in electoral competition has led to a greater focus on negative campaigning.
domesticDomestic competition has become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes.
healthyHealthy competition can foster innovation and growth.
commercialThe company faced intense commercial competition in the global market.
excessiveExcessive competition can result in a negative work environment and decreased productivity.
internalThe internal competition within the company was fierce.
lessThere is less competition in this field.
cutthroatThe cutthroat competition in the tech industry forced many startups to close down.
activeThe active competition among the students kept them motivated throughout the semester.
throatThe fierce throat competition brought out the best of both singers.
vigorousThe vigorous competition between the two companies pushed them to innovate.
industrialIncreased industrial competition has forced companies to focus on improving their efficiency.
successfulTheir successful competition in the local business market was due to both their innovative ideas and their hard work.
destructiveThe company's destructive competition tactics drove many smaller businesses into bankruptcy.
annualThe annual competition is fiercely contested by the region's top schools.
unrestrictedUnrestricted competition led to a rapid decline in the quality of the products.
limitedThe company is facing limited competition in the market.
friendlyThe two teams engaged in a friendly competition to see who could build the tallest tower.
outsideThe top performers in each group will win a trip to regionals for outside competition
maleMale competition is often fierce and driven by a desire to dominate and impress.
intraspecificIntraspecific competition occurs when organisms of the same species compete for resources in a habitat.
peacefulPeaceful competition between the two countries fostered innovation and advancement.
ruinousRuinous competition can lead to a race to the bottom, where businesses cut prices and quality to stay competitive.
partyThe party competition was fierce in the election.
sharpThis company is facing sharp competition from its rivals.
aggressiveThis aggressive competition has driven the students to study harder.
socialistThe socialist competition was a major feature of the Soviet economy.
basedWe are going to host a based competition tomorrow.
regionalThe regional competition awards players from various regions for outstanding performance.
nonpriceCompanies can compete through nonprice competition by offering superior quality, better service, or more convenient locations.
capitalistCapitalist competition has led to significant economic growth and innovation.
ruthlessThe ruthless competition in the industry made it difficult for small businesses to survive.
priceDue to price competition from the local store, we are forced to lower our product prices.
unrestrainedUnrestrained competition in the tech industry has led to rapid innovation and cutthroat tactics.
intergroupThe intergroup competition was fierce, as each team struggled for supremacy.
workableThe workable competition strategy enabled the new business to quickly gain market share.
wastefulWasteful competition over resources is inefficient and counterproductive.
bitterThe bitter competition between the two companies drove them to innovate and develop new products.
unlimitedThe unlimited competition in the market led to a fierce price war.
intensiveThe intensive competition for this coveted position attracted the best and brightest candidates.

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