Adjectives for Complex

Adjectives For Complex

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing complex, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'complex' can drastically change its implications depending on the adjective it's paired with. Describing something as 'industrial complex' paints a picture of sprawling factories and technological prowess, while 'whole complex' suggests a completeness or a system where all parts are included. The use of 'more complex' implies an increase in intricacy or difficulty, inviting thoughts of a tangled or sophisticated situation. A 'major complex' indicates something significant in size or importance, and 'entire complex' encapsulates everything within a set boundary without exception. The 'Golgi complex,' on the other hand, brings us into the microscopic world of cellular biology. Each adjective shines a different light on the noun, revealing the multifaceted nature of the term 'complex.' For a comprehensive view of how adjectives can unveil the various dimensions of 'complex,' explore our full list below.
industrialThe military-industrial complex is a network of relationships between the military and the defense industry.
wholeThe whole complex took over a year to be built.
moreThe issue we face today is more complex than we anticipated.
majorThe major complex was completed on time and within budget.
entireHe said he would sell his entire complex as soon as he came around to the idea
golgiThe Golgi complex a cellular organelle, is responsible for processing and modifying proteins.
largeThe team was assigned to work on a large complex project.
mostThe most complex machine ever built by humans is the computer.
nuclearThe nuclear complex is a vital part of the country's defense system.
activatedThe transition state, known as the 'activated complex,' has the highest energy of the reaction coordinate.
immuneThe immune complex is a collection of antibodies and antigens that have formed a complex.
vastThe vast complex was a labyrinth of corridors and chambers.
ternaryDNA polymerase forms a ternary complex with DNA and a single nucleotide.
stableThe stable complex is a large, multi-subunit protein complex that plays a key role in the initiation of translation in eukaryotes.
hugeThe huge complex was a wonder to behold.
culturalThe cultural complex is a major tourist attraction in the city.
relatedThe related complex is an informative and visually organized way to comprehend a topic and its connections.
substrateThe enzyme binds the substrate complex to its active site.
militaryThe military complex is a powerful force in American politics.
oedipalThe boy had a strong Oedipal complex and he resented his father for taking his attention away from his mother.
largerThe city was a larger complex of tall buildings and wide avenues.
urbanThe urban complex was a bustling metropolis with skyscrapers and a vibrant culture.
olivaryThe inferior olivary complex includes the dorsal accessory olive, medial accessory olive, and the principal olive.
primaryStudents who were not vaccinated for measles were given the primary complex vaccine.
largestThe largest complex in the world is the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.
solubleThe soluble complex can be easily separated from the insoluble residue by filtration.
molecularThe molecular complex is a group of molecules that interact with each other.
residentialThe new residential complex is located in a quiet neighborhood.
leastThis is the least complex sentence I can write.
massiveThe team moved into a massive complex in the suburbs.
lessThe less complex the algorithm, the easier it is to implement.
verbalThe verbal complex is a group of words that functions as a verb.
insolubleThe insoluble complex formed a precipitate at the bottom of the beaker.
ceramicEvidence of excavation shows that household ceramic complex have been recovered near the foundation of the site.
intermediateThe intermediate complex is a transient species that forms during the course of a reaction.
crystallineThe crystalline complex is a type of solid material that has a regular and repeating arrangement of its atoms or molecules
metamorphicThe metamorphic complex is located in the central part of the orogen.
functionalThe functional complex is responsible for a specific biological function.
enzymeThe enzyme complex consists of multiple protein subunits that work together to catalyze a specific biochemical reaction.
synaptonemalSynaptonemal complex is responsible for maintaining the correct orientation and pairing of homologous chromosomes during meiosis.
extensiveThe extensive complex of tunnels stretched for miles underground.
integrated"There are integrated complexes within the matrix."
boundThe strongly bound complex between the two proteins is essential for their function.
organicThe organic complex of iron was found to be the most effective.
architecturalThe architectural complex included a temple, a palace, and a library.
ligandThe ligand complex is a molecule that contains a metal ion coordinated to a group of ligands.
jointThe joint complex is composed of multiple ligaments and tendons that work together to stabilize and move the joint.
inactiveThe inactive complex is a protein complex that is not actively participating in a particular process.
coloredThe colored complex was a beautiful sight to behold.
posteriorOnce the patient is in a supine position, the uterine artery Doppler is recorded in the posterior complex of the uterus.
ventrobasalThe ventrobasal complex receives input from the dorsal root ganglia.
lateralThe lateral complex is a group of nuclei in the thalamus.
enormousThe enormous complex was home to a vast population of creatures.
called"I want to memorize something called complex".
institutionalThe institutional complex is a set of interconnected organizations that share similar goals and values.
monasticThe monastic complex was once home to a thriving community of monks.
craniofacialThe craniofacial complex is a group of structures that make up the face and skull.
macromolecularThe detachment of macromolecular complexes from the membrane is formally equivalent to that of small compounds.
triangularThe triangular complex is located in the city centre.

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