Adjectives for Compliance

Adjectives For Compliance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing compliance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the complex world of regulations and guidelines, the term 'compliance' acquires multifaceted significance through the adjectives that precede it. Whether it's 'non-compliance', indicating deviation from the required standards, or 'full compliance', highlighting adherence to all stipulated norms, each adjective nuances the level of conformity. 'Patient compliance' speaks to the cooperative aspect in medical contexts, while 'voluntary compliance' emphasizes willing participation. On the other hand, 'strict compliance' demands rigorous observance, contrasting with 'poor compliance', which signals a failure to meet standards. These adjectives not only modify 'compliance' but also set the tone for expectations and outcomes. Continue reading to explore the full spectrum of adjectives that reveal the dynamic nature of compliance.
patientThe doctor stressed the importance of patient compliance with the medication regimen.
fullWe expect full compliance with the new regulations.
strictStrict compliance to the rules and regulations is mandatory.
poorShe was scolded by the coach for her poor compliance
regulatoryThe company ensures regulatory compliance by adhering to established standards.
substantialThe company's actions were in substantial compliance with the regulations.
pulmonaryPulmonary compliance is the ease with which the lungs can expand and contract.
lowThe patient's low compliance with the medication regimen hindered their recovery.
immediateThe sergeant demanded immediate compliance from his unruly squad.
legalThe company ensured legal compliance by implementing a comprehensive ethics and compliance program.
readyHe agreed to the request with ready compliance
totalThe company demanded total compliance from its employees.
dynamicThe company's dynamic compliance program helps it to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations.
arterialArterial compliance refers to the distensibility of the arterial wall.
staticThe static compliance of the material was determined by measuring the strain under a constant load.
environmentalThe company achieved environmental compliance through responsible waste management practices.
greaterThe new regulations resulted in greater compliance among the employees.
betterEnsuring better compliance with rules and regulations requires rigorous monitoring and enforcement.
partialThe company was found to be in partial compliance with the new regulations.
completeThe witness gave complete compliance when answering the questions.
sufficientThe company is in sufficient compliance with the new regulations.
mereHis mere compliance with the law is not enough to prove his innocence.
passiveThe student's passive compliance with the teacher's instructions made the class run smoothly.
exactThe company's policy on workplace safety demands exact compliance
promptWe expect prompt compliance with all regulations.
effectiveEffective compliance ensured the smooth functioning of the organization.
leftThe left compliance that the leftist government had enforced has now been discarded.
termThe term compliance deadline is approaching.
reducedThe new regulations resulted in reduced compliance among the participants.
literalWe adhered to the policy in a strictly literal compliance
dietaryDietary compliance is particularly important for those with certain medical conditions.
intracranialIntracranial compliance is the ability of the skull to accommodate an increase in intracranial volume without a significant increase in intracranial pressure.
formalThe company has to demonstrate formal compliance to industry standards.
overallOverall compliance is critical to ensure the effectiveness of any security program.
willingThe employee demonstrated willing compliance with the company's new regulations.
futurePlease review the updated agreement and indicate your future compliance
elasticThe elastic compliance of the material describes its ability to store and release mechanical energy.
perfectThe company has maintained perfect compliance with all applicable regulations.
behavioralBehavioral compliance is a method to provide reinforcement to promote positive behaviors.
diastolicDiastolic compliance is the ability of the heart to fill with blood during diastole.
continuedOur continued compliance with the regulations is crucial for maintaining our certification.
corporateCorporate compliance is essential for maintaining legal and ethical standards.
outwardThe employees' outward compliance with the new policy masked their true feelings of resentment.
forcedThe company's forced compliance policy led to widespread resentment among employees.
apparentDespite the apparent compliance there were underlying tensions within the organization.
mechanicalThe mechanical compliance of the material was determined by measuring the strain response to an applied stress.
absoluteThe organization expected absolute compliance to the company's policies.
faithfulEmployees are expected to exhibit faithful compliance with company policies.
vascularVascular compliance is the ability of blood vessels to change their diameter in response to changes in pressure.
easyHer easy compliance raised some eyebrows.
venousThe venous compliance of the extremities was increased.
improvedImproved compliance with regulations led to enhanced safety outcomes.
insufficientThe company's insufficient compliance with regulations led to significant fines.
minimalThe employee demonstrated minimal compliance with company policy.
respiratory Respiratory compliance is the ability of the lungs and thorax to expand and contract.
cheerfulThe child showed cheerful compliance when asked to clean his room.
satisfactoryThe project has satisfactory compliance with the new regulations.
continuousContinuous compliance includes vendor risk management and incident response plans.
weakEven with weak compliance we managed to get what we needed.
aorticAortic compliance is a measure of the elasticity of the aorta, the largest artery in the body.
maximumThe project will require maximum compliance from all participants.
normativeThe company enforced normative compliance in all its dealings.
crossCross compliance is a critical component of ensuring the overall health and safety of the agricultural sector.
encouragingThe new policy is aimed at encouraging compliance with industry regulations.
somaticSomatic compliance ensures the structural integrity of biological tissues under mechanical load.
dueThe company is in due compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
reasonableThe company has been found to be in reasonable compliance with safety regulations.

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