Adjectives for Concept

Adjectives For Concept

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing concept, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'concept' can be modified by a myriad of adjectives, each bringing its unique nuance to the foreground. A 'new concept' suggests innovation and fresh thinking, while a 'basic concept' hints at foundational knowledge necessary for understanding. The adjective 'self' when paired, turns the noun into something introspective, as in 'self concept', emblematic of one's perception. The use of 'important' elevates the subject to a matter of significance, requiring attention. Meanwhile, 'general' and 'whole' expand the scope, either in terms of breadth or completeness. Delving into these adjectives unveils the depth and versatility of the noun 'concept'. Explore further to discover how each adjective uniquely colors and shapes its meaning.
newThe new concept has been introduced to enhance the productivity.
basicThe basic concept of quantum mechanics is that everything exists as a wavefunction.
selfShe viewed herself through the lens of a negative self concept
importantIt is an important concept to understand that we are all connected.
generalThe general concept of the algorithm is straightforward.
wholeShe was skeptical about the whole concept of telemedicine.
veryThe very concept of freedom is under attack today.
keyThe key concept of the book is the importance of education.
abstractThe abstract concept of justice is difficult to define.
original"The original concept was to create a virtual personal assistant that could help you with your daily tasks."
traditionalThe traditional concept of family has changed over time.
fundamentalThe fundamental concept of democracy is the idea that all citizens have the right to participate in government.
modernThe newest app features a modern concept of minimalism and simplicity.
simpleThe simple concept was difficult to understand.
usefulI found the article to be a useful concept
broaderThe broader concept encompasses a wide range of topics.
theoreticalResearchers are continually working to further develop the theoretical concept of quantum computing.
legalThe book meticulously explicates the legal concept of
broadThe broad concept of sustainability encompasses environmental, social, and economic factors.
difficultThis is a difficult concept to understand.
westernThe western concept of individualism is not universally accepted.
christianThe christian concept of heaven is a place of eternal happiness and peace.
clearThe clear concept allowed for easy understanding.
complexThe complex concept was explained in a clear and concise manner.
overallThe overall concept of the project is to develop a new type of artificial intelligence.
classicalThe classical concept of beauty is based on symmetry and proportion.
philosophicalThe philosophical concept of dualism has been debated for centuries.
underlyingThe underlying concept is complex.
scientificThe scientific concept behind this experiment is simple.
dynamicThe dynamic concept of leadership requires adapting to evolving circumstances.
relativeThe beauty of a painting is a relative concept
universalThe universal concept of love transcends all cultural boundaries.
latterThe latter concept is often misunderstood.
vagueThe vague concept of freedom has been debated by philosophers for centuries.
mathematicalThe mathematical concept of calculus is essential for understanding the world of physics.
negativeThe negative concept prevents positive thinking.
unifyingThe unifying concept behind the novel is the exploration of love and loss.
strategicThe strategic concept of the company will be discussed in tomorrow's meeting.
relatedThe related concept has been considered as an important factor in the development of a new theory.
biologicalBiological concept is a core component of evolutionary science.
psychologicalThe psychological concept of self-efficacy refers to an individual's belief in their ability to succeed in a specific situation.
elusiveThe elusive concept of time fascinates many philosophers.
interestingThis is an interesting concept to explore.
familiarThe familiar concept is easy to understand.
novelThe novel concept of using AI to generate art has opened up a new world of possibilities.
biblicalThe biblical concept of the end of the world is called the eschaton.
staticThe static concept of time is not shared by all cultures.
metaphysicalThe metaphysical concept of free will has been a topic of debate for centuries.
theologicalThe theological concept of free will refers to the ability of individuals to make choices without being externally determined.
genericThe generic concept of democracy is based on the idea of popular sovereignty.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary concept challenged the conventional wisdom and opened up new possibilities.
narrowThe workshop has a narrow concept of what an educational game is.
widerThe wider concept of 'social justice' encompasses issues of economic equality, civil rights, and environmental protection.
operationalThe operational concept of the system is to provide a secure and reliable way to store and share data.
unitaryThe unitary concept affirms that the self and the world are inseparable.
greekThe greek concept of 'sophrosyne' was a central part of their ethical framework.
unifiedThe unified concept of the project was evident in the cohesive design and implementation.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive concept encompasses all aspects of the subject matter.
psychoanalyticThe psychoanalytic concept of the unconscious mind has been influential in Western thought for over a century.

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