Adjectives for Condition

Adjectives For Condition

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing condition, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the noun 'condition' can significantly alter the meaning conveyed in a sentence. A 'good condition' suggests something is in a favorable state, offering a positive outlook, whereas 'necessary condition' highlights an essential requirement or prerequisite. Describing something with 'physical condition' focuses on bodily health or state, whereas 'human condition' delves into the existential aspects of being human. The term 'present condition' points to the current state of affairs, and 'general condition' provides an overview without delving into specifics. Each adjective weaves a different story, shining light on various facets of 'condition.' Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'condition' to master the nuances they bring.
goodThe car is in good condition
necessaryAn inverse proposition is a necessary condition of an implication.
physicalThe doctor was concerned about the patient's physical condition
humanThe human condition is one of constant struggle.
presentThe present condition is unstable.
generalThe general condition of the vehicle is good.
normalThe engine temperature remains stable under normal condition during repeated testing.
financialThe company's financial condition is sound.
poorThe house was in poor condition
medicalHe has a medical condition that prevents him from working long hours.
mentalThe mental condition of the patient is improving steadily.
economicThe country's leaders need to address the dire economic condition
betterThe used car is in better condition than I expected.
initialThe initial condition for the simulation was set to 100.
essentialProper nutrition is an essential condition for good health.
originalThe car was returned in its original condition after the lease.
excellentThe car is in excellent condition
badThe car was in bad condition
latterThe latter condition is more serious than the former.
perfectThe old car was in perfect condition despite its age.
rareLittle is known about this rare condition
chronicMy grandmother has been living with a chronic condition for the past five years.
actualThe actual condition of the house was much worse than we had expected.
moralThe country is in a moral condition
criticalThe injured man was in critical condition after the accident.
clinicalThe patient's clinical condition has improved significantly.
indispensableTo achieve the goal, this clause is an indispensable condition
pathologicalThe patient has a pathological condition that affects the respiratory system.
deplorableThe house was in a deplorable condition with broken windows and a leaky roof.
formerThe incentives were meant to restore the process to its former condition
healthyThe patient is in a stable and healthy condition after a successful surgery.
miserableHe was in a miserable condition after the accident.
abnormalThe abnormal condition of the patient was caused by a rare disease.
flourishingThe program is still in a flourishing condition
spiritualThe meditation helped him improve his spiritual condition
preThe pre condition of the insurance is that the policyholder must be over 18 years old.
experimentalThe experimental condition was designed to test the effects of the new drug.
dangerousThe dangerous condition of the road made the journey hazardous.
worseWe found ourselves in an even worse condition after losing all of our money.
morbidThe patient's morbid condition raised concerns about their mortality.
underlyingThe patient had a serious underlying condition that made the surgery more difficult.
inflammatoryThe inflammatory condition is characterized by swelling, redness, pain, and heat.
sanitaryThe sanitary condition of the kitchen was very poor.
fundamentalThe fundamental condition of the contract was that the goods were to be delivered by the end of the month.
prosperousThis region is in a prosperous condition
idealThe ideal condition for gardening is rich, well-drained soil.
stableThe patient is in a stable condition at the hospital.
peculiarThe clown's peculiar condition made him laugh and cry at the same time.
permanentHe suffered a permanent condition that made walking difficult.
diseasedThe diseased condition has been a problem for years.
physiologicalI'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'physiological condition'.
satisfactoryThe patient was discharged in satisfactory condition
primeThe car was in prime condition after being detailed.
desperateThe desperate condition of the refugees was evident in their ragged clothes and haunted eyes.
nervousHe is suffering from a nervous condition
fairThe old car was in fair condition despite its age.
dilapidatedThe old building was in a dilapidated condition
pathologicThe pathologic condition is severe and requires immediate medical attention.

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