Adjectives for Conditions

Adjectives For Conditions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing conditions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating the myriad nuances that adjectives bring to the noun 'conditions' can significantly alter its meaning and implication. When tagged with descriptors like 'certain', it speaks to definitiveness and clarity, while 'such' introduces a more comparative or exemplary tone. 'Economic' and 'social' conditions delve into the realms of finance and community, respectively, highlighting the vast areas of life they influence. 'Different' broadens the scope, introducing variety and comparison, whereas 'environmental' conditions zoom in on aspects related to nature and our surroundings. Each adjective intricately shifts the focus, unveiling new layers and perspectives. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'conditions' and the rich contexts they bring to light below.
certainThe following terms and conditions govern certain conditions
suchThe rules of the competition will not change under such conditions
economicThe economic conditions in the country are improving.
socialThe social conditions in the city were not ideal.
differentStudents in different conditions face a variety of challenges in completing their education.
environmentalThe environmental conditions were ideal for the growth of the plants.
normalThe experiment was carried out under normal conditions
localMy local conditions are currently cloudy and cool.
initialThe initial conditions for the experiment were set carefully.
climaticThe survival of the species depended on its ability to adapt to the changing climatic conditions
experimentalScientists conducted the experiment under controlled experimental conditions
variousDue to the various conditions we are unable to proceed.
favorableThe favorable conditions allowed the plants to thrive.
similarThe two products have similar conditions
necessaryThe necessary conditions for success are hard work and dedication.
followingThis is an example of a sentence with the following conditions
presentThe present conditions are favorable for growth.
naturalThe natural conditions are perfect for growing plants.
specificThe results of the experiment were dependent on very specific conditions
specialThe new hire was offered a salary and special conditions
actualThe actual conditions did not match the forecast.
favourableThe favourable conditions allowed the plants to thrive.
externalThe external conditions are not conducive to growth.
adverseThe team persevered through adverse conditions to complete the project on time.
idealThe rose bushes grew under ideal conditions
betterI hope we can provide better conditions for workers.
medicalHe has several medical conditions including diabetes and hypertension.
controlledThe study was conducted under controlled conditions to minimize the effects of extraneous variables.
poorThe poor conditions made it difficult to work.
ordinaryUnder ordinary conditions the store is open from 9am to 5pm.
atmosphericThe atmospheric conditions were not suitable for flying.
pathologicalSome pathological conditions may cause changes in behavior and personality.
standardUnder standard conditions the density of a gas is directly proportional to its molar mass.
chronicMany people struggle every day with chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or chronic kidney disease.
difficultThe team persevered through difficult conditions to achieve their goal.
extremeThe climber endured extreme conditions to reach the summit.
properThe seeds germinated under proper conditions
appropriateThe company offers appropriate conditions for employees to work productively.
anaerobicThe yeast fermented the sugar under anaerobic conditions producing ethanol.
physiologicalThe physiological conditions of the patient were monitored closely.
optimalThe experiment was conducted under optimal conditions
abnormalThe abnormal conditions caused the experiment to fail.
severeThe climbers faced severe conditions on their ascent to the summit.
suitableThe suitable conditions for plant growth are sunlight, water, and nutrients.
unfavorableThe unfavorable conditions made it difficult to progress.
sanitaryThe sanitary conditions in the factory were appalling.
aboveThe new model outperforms the above conditions
identicalThe two experiments were conducted under identical conditions
harshSoldiers survived the harsh conditions of the boot camp.
competitiveThe company faced intense competitive conditions in the global market.
objectiveThe objective conditions in the country have been deteriorating steadily in recent years.
dryThe dry conditions made the crops susceptible to pests.
inflammatoryAspirin is often used to treat pain and other inflammatory conditions
essentialTheir well-being remains essential conditions
primitiveThe explorers endured primitive conditions during their month-long trek through the wilderness.
changedThe changed conditions forced us to adapt our plans.
structuralThe structural conditions of the building were optimal.
aerobicThe athletes ran under aerobic conditions for the last ten minutes of the race.
pathologicThe pathologic conditions were consistent with the diagnosis of sarcoidosis.
stableThe stable conditions allowed for a leisurely walk.
unusualWe had to evacuate due to the unusual conditions
meteorologicalThe meteorological conditions are favorable for flying.
unfavourableThe unfavourable conditions made it difficult to grow the crops.
ecologicalThe ecological conditions of the area are ideal for the growth of this species.
geographicalThe geographical conditions of the area make it difficult to grow crops.
stateThe state conditions for the experiment must be clearly defined.

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