Adjectives for Conference

Adjectives For Conference

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing conference, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a conference can significantly influence the reader's perception. A first conference indicates novelty and potential growth, while an international conference suggests a wide-reaching, global scale. An annual conference emphasizes tradition and recurring importance, whereas a second or 5th illustrates its ongoing success and stability. The term national narrows the scope, highlighting its significance within a single country. Each adjective shapes expectations and sets the tone for what attendees might experience. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to elevate your description of any conference below.
firstI attended my first conference last year.
internationalProfessionals from various countries are attending the international conference
annualThe team attended the annual conference in San Francisco.
secondI will be chairing the second conference next month.
nationalThe national conference was a great success.
5thParticipants were invited to submit abstracts for the upcoming 5th conference
4thI am looking forward to attending the 4th conference next week.
generalI'm watching general conference this weekend.
nextI'm looking forward to seeing you at the next conference
thirdThe third conference will take place in San Francisco next month.
6thI am attending the 6th conference on artificial intelligence.
recentI attended a recent conference on artificial intelligence.
specialThe team is preparing for a special conference this week.
jointThe joint conference attracted over 1000 professionals from various sectors.
dayThe all-day conference was very informative and worthwhile.
8thThe 8th conference was held in New York City.
fourthThe fourth conference on artificial intelligence was held in San Francisco.
10thThe 10th conference will be held next week.
3rdThe 3rd conference will start at 10 am.
12thThe 12th conference is scheduled for next week.
9thThe 9th conference was held in San Francisco.
13thThe researchers presented their findings at the 13th conference on artificial intelligence.
14thThe 14th conference was held in San Francisco.
fifthThis will be the fifth conference I've attended this year.
europeanThe European conference on Computer Vision is held every two years.
2ndI'll be presenting this at the 2nd conference in January.
15thThe 15th conference will be held next month.
16thThe 16th conference was held in San Francisco.
forthcomingI am looking forward to the forthcoming conference
secretThe secret conference was held in a secluded location to avoid detection.
finalThe final conference of the project will be held in Brussels.
constitutionalThe constitutional conference is scheduled to be held next week.
20thWelcome to the 20th conference of the International Association for Computational Linguistics.
1stI am so excited to attend the 1st conference next week.
18thLast week, I attended the 18th conference on Computational Intelligence and Bioinformatics.
informalWe had an informal conference to discuss the company's future.
preliminaryThe preliminary conference was held to discuss the upcoming project.
briefThe team held a brief conference to discuss the next play.
formalThis is a formal conference only for academics.
sixthThe sixth conference is going to be held on the 5th of May.
ieeeI will present my paper at ieee conference on 3D computer vision
21stThe 21st conference took place in a grand hotel.
seventhThe seventh conference was held in San Francisco.
ministerialThe WTO convened a three-day ministerial conference
foundingThe founding conference will be held in the fall of 2023.
famousThe famous conference was attended by many important scientists.
successfulThe successful conference attracted a large number of attendees.
subsequentThe subsequent conference was held in a grand ballroom.
presidentialThe presidential conference addressed the recent economic crisis.
26thI am excited to attend the 26th conference this year.
imperialShe spoke for the first time to an Imperial conference
provincialI attended the provincial conference last weekend and learned a lot about public policy.
navalThe naval conference was held in Washington, D.C., in 1921.
intergovernmentalThe intergovernmental conference opened in Brussels on 13 December 1996.
weeklyThe team held a weekly conference to discuss the project's progress.
historicThe historic conference brought together representatives from all over the world to discuss global issues.
quarterlyThe quarterly conference will be held next week.
powerThe Big Ten is a power conference in college football.
roundThe round conference was attended by representatives from all over the world.
asianThe asian conference speaker spoke clearly and informatively.
biennialThe biennial conference will be held in San Francisco this year.

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