Adjectives for Configuration

Adjectives For Configuration

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing configuration, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a configuration can subtly shift its meaning, adding layers of specificity or generality as needed. A particular configuration delves into the specifics, suggesting customized or unique setups. The initial configuration refers to the setup at the very beginning, often default or at inception. The term basic configuration implies simplicity and the foundational elements, whereas current configuration points to what's in use now, highlighting up-to-date settings. The typical configuration evokes what is commonly encountered, and general configuration broadens the scope, encompassing a wider range of possibilities. Each adjective nuance enriches your understanding, inviting a deeper exploration. Delve into the full list of adjectives below to uncover the precise shade of meaning for your specific context.
particularThis particular configuration allows me to maximize productivity
initial"It is considered the initial configuration of the construction, erected this year."
basicThe basic configuration for the system is shown below.
currentWe are now discussing the details of the current configuration
typicalThe company's planned budget included a typical configuration
generalThe general configuration of the system is satisfactory.
electronicThe electronic configuration of an atom refers to the distribution of its electrons in different energy levels or orbitals around the atom's nucleus.
stableThe atom achieves a stable configuration when all its shells are filled.
spatialThe spatial configuration of the house was designed to maximize natural light and energy efficiency.
specificThe specific configuration of the system was not documented.
finalThe final configuration of the system was achieved through careful planning and testing.
physicalThe physical configuration of the building is not suitable for our needs.
originalThe original configuration of the system was not properly set.
commonThis computer has a common configuration
normalThe computer was restored to its normal configuration
absoluteThe absolute configuration of a molecule is its three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in space.
presentThe present configuration of the system is optimal.
molecularThe molecular configuration of the compound is responsible for its unique properties.
standardThe standard configuration of the software includes several built-in modules.
overallThe overall configuration of the system is determined by the input parameters.
structuralThe structural configuration of the building was designed to withstand high winds.
possibleThe possible configuration of the system is not known at this time.
simpleWe can easily configure the application with a simple configuration
uniqueEvery spacecraft needs a unique configuration to reach its destination.
geometricalThe geometrical configuration of the molecule was determined by X-ray diffraction.
complexThe device's advanced functionality is enabled by a complex configuration
actualThe actual configuration of the system is stored in a database.
geometricThe geometric configuration of the atoms in a molecule determines its shape.
optimalThis system operates under the optimal configuration
shapedThe shaped configuration of the building was admired by many.
dimensionalThe dimensional configuration of the system is determined by the number of independent variables.
magneticThe magnetic configuration of the system was determined by measuring the magnetic susceptibility.
likeThe two churches had like configuration
parallelThe two batteries are connected in parallel configuration
experimentalThe optimal experimental configuration was achieved when adjusting the voltage to 1.5 V.
internalThe internal configuration of the system needs to be optimized.
properThe system should be set up with the proper configuration to ensure optimal performance.
minimumThe minimum configuration for the software is 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.
exactPlease verify the exact configuration with the manufacturer.
emitterThe emitter configuration is a type of transistor amplifier circuit in which the emitter terminal is used as the input.
externalThe external configuration file provides the necessary parameters for the application to run.
atomicThe atomic configuration of a material determines its physical and chemical properties.
appropriateThe appropriate configuration ensured the successful operation of the system.
opticalThe optical configuration of the telescope was optimized for low-light conditions.
dynamicDynamic configuration allows for changes to be made to a system without requiring a reboot or downtime.
staticHTTP client has static configuration and no need of refresh.
linearThe electrons are arranged in a linear configuration
geographicalThe geographical configuration of the area makes it difficult to travel.
peculiarThe key's peculiar configuration made it difficult to insert into the lock.
characteristicThe characteristic configuration of the system is determined by the parameters of the Hamiltonian.
global"Global configuration" is a term used to describe the overall settings and parameters that govern the operation of a network or system.
manualTo complete manual configuration refer to your firewall's documentation.
simplestThis is the simplest configuration
nuclearThe nuclear configuration of the atom determines its chemical properties.
helicalThe DNA molecule has a helical configuration
triangularThe molecular geometry of boron trifluoride is described as a triangular configuration
unusualSome scientists have proposed an unusual configuration of the universe in which time is a closed loop.
randomThe random configuration of molecules led to the emergence of life on Earth.
idealThe ideal configuration for this system is a three-tier architecture with a web server, application server, and database server.
automaticThe automatic configuration made it easy to set up the new device.
circularThe architects designed the building to have a circular configuration
deformedThe deformed configuration of the material made it difficult to work with.
stateThe state configuration is a set of settings that define how a state machine behaves.
planarResearchers designed a polymer with a planar configuration to improve its mechanical properties.
preciseThe precise configuration of the system was essential for its successful operation.
institutionalThe institutional configuration of the organization was designed to promote collaboration and innovation.
conventionalSome semiconductor devices have a conventional configuration
alternativeThe equipment had a non-standard alternative configuration
verticalThe skyscrapers were arranged in a vertical configuration their towering heights reaching towards the heavens.
abnormalThe abnormal configuration of the system led to unexpected results.

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