Adjectives for Contact

Adjectives For Contact

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing contact, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives commonly paired with the noun 'contact' unveils a rich tapestry of nuances that can significantly affect the conveyed message. 'Direct contact' emphasizes immediacy and lack of intermediaries, suggesting a straightforward, often physical, connection. 'Close contact' insinuates a proximity that could be physical or emotional, hinting at the depth of a relationship. 'Personal contact' often refers to an individualized connection that feels uniquely significant, while 'physical contact' points explicitly to touch or corporal closeness. 'First contact' evokes notions of new, potentially transformative encounters. Lastly, 'intimate contact' implies a deeply personal or private connection, stirring thoughts of emotional or physical closeness. Each adjective shades 'contact' with subtle distinctions, enriching our understanding and expression of connections. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the vast implications of 'contact' in language.
directThe system works by direct contact with the skin.
closeThey are in close contact with each other.
personalI prefer personal contact over email.
physicalThe therapist uses physical contact in order to assist those in recovery of mobility.
firstThe first contact with the alien species was a peaceful one.
socialSocial contact is essential for developing healthy relationships.
littleI had little contact with my friends during the time I was away.
initialThe initial contact with the alien species was both awe-inspiring and terrifying.
humanThe lack of human contact during the pandemic was taking a toll on her mental health.
constantI appreciate the constant contact and updates from my colleagues.
closerThe team is in closer contact with their fans than ever before.
dailyThe daily contact between them helped them to stay close.
frequentI am in frequent contact with my family.
actualThe actual contact was made through a LinkedIn message.
immediateIn case of an emergency, please reach out with immediate contact
regularI maintained regular contact with my grandparents throughout my childhood.
europeanEuropean contact transformed many Native American cultures.
electricalThe electrical contact between the two wires was faulty.
faceI need to make face contact with my audience.
continuousThe continuous contact between the two companies has led to a successful partnership.
culturalThe cultural contact between the two groups led to an exchange of ideas and customs.
closestShe leaned in for some of the closest contact in their friendship.
prolongedScientists and researchers have been attempting to understand the effects of prolonged contact with the Sun's rays.
casualWe made casual contact with the aliens.
thermalThe thermal contact between the two surfaces was poor.
lessWe need to have less contact now.
extensiveThe hikers had extensive contact with nature during their journey.
interpersonalThe study found that the more interpersonal contact people had, the lower their levels of stress.
minimalDuring the pandemic, the government advised minimal contact to reduce transmission.
limitedSally maintains limited contact with her elderly neighbor.
indirectThe group members were in indirect contact through their shared online forum.
eyeMaintaining eye contact conveys respect and sincerity.
mutualI found a mutual contact between us on LinkedIn.
ohmicThe ohmic contact between the metal and the semiconductor is essential for the proper functioning of the device.
preThe exhibition explored the culture of the indigenous peoples of the region pre contact
friendlyThe two countries had no friendly contact for many years.
briefI made brief contact with the company representative last week.
accidentalHe was injured in an accidental contact with the moving blades.
informalThey stayed in informal contact before meeting again for more formal discussions.
patientThe nurse had extensive patient contact during her shift.
pointThe two terminals of a point contact are brought very close together.
metalI was very careful to avoid metal contact when I was doing the electrical work.
cellCell-cell contact is an important aspect of tissue development and cell signaling.
metallicWhen two metal surfaces come into metallic contact electrons flow from one surface to the other.
continualInformation technology and technology in general, is in a continual contact with the field of energy
occlusalThe dentist examined the patient's occlusal contacts to check for any signs of wear or damage.
interracialInterracial contact is an important part of a diverse society.
intergroupIntergroup contact between different ethnic groups can reduce prejudice and discrimination.
synapticThe two neurons communicated via synaptic contact
meaningfulMeaningful contact with loved ones is essential for well-being.
personThe person contact was very helpful.
continuedShe continued contact with her friend despite the distance.
allergicShe missed most of her classes last week because of allergic contact dermatitis.
outsideHe was forbidden from any outside contact during his isolation.
occasionalThey maintained occasional contact throughout the project's duration.
skinAfter skin contact with the plant, I broke out in a rash.

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