Adjectives for Contacts

Adjectives For Contacts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing contacts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'contacts' can significantly shape conversations and writings. 'Social contacts' hint at connections within a wider network, emphasizing the breadth of interaction. 'Personal contacts', on the other hand, suggest a more intimate or private connection. When we describe contacts as 'close', it denotes a deep bond, while 'direct contacts' imply a straightforward, no intermediaries approach. 'Informal contacts' bring to mind casual interactions, differing vastly from the implications of 'sexual contacts', which point to intimate relations. Each adjective paints a unique color of relationship or interaction, showcasing the importance of word choice in communication. Dive deeper into how these adjectives and more unravel the complex tapestry of human connections below.
socialMaintaining healthy social contacts can uplift our moods.
personalShe utilised her personal contacts to locate a new job.
closeI have been in close contacts with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
directWe are in direct contacts with the manufacturer.
informalMany researchers have collected data from their informal contacts
frequentThe frequent contacts between the two leaders helped to build trust and understanding.
electricalThe electrical contacts were sparking dangerously.
initialWe established initial contacts with the alien civilization.
culturalCultural contacts between different societies can lead to the exchange of ideas and technologies.
extensiveShe has extensive contacts in the industry.
regularI keep in touch with my old friends through regular contacts
professionalMaintaining a strong network of professional contacts is crucial for career success.
outsideThe company has a strict policy regarding outside contacts
commercialShe developed many commercial contacts through her work in the city.
synapticThe synapses form synaptic contacts between the axons of the presynaptic neurons and the dendrites of the postsynaptic neurons.
foreignHe had been under surveillance for suspected foreign contacts
numerousThe investigator developed numerous contacts and learned a great deal about the suspect's activities.
externalHe met several external contacts in London.
usefulI found some useful contacts in the directory.
dailyI wear daily contacts so I don't have to worry about glasses fogging up.
diplomaticWe should maintain diplomatic contacts with as many countries as possible.
friendlyI've made some friendly contacts during my travels.
faceI made face contacts with several people at the party.
closerThey had closer contacts with the industry.
interpersonalThey lacked the necessary interpersonal contacts to succeed in their careers.
officialI have already provided the list of our official contacts to the client.
multipleShe had to manage multiple contacts with several different clients.
valuableThe conference offered many valuable contacts
casualTo reduce the risk of Covid-19, it is important to avoid casual contacts
europeanEuropean contacts had a profound and lasting impact on the development of the region.
necessaryThe company has established necessary contacts with potential customers.
occlusalThe occlusal contacts are the points where the teeth meet when they are biting together.
fewerI have fewer contacts than I used to.
wideHe was actively involved in community service and had wide contacts in the city.
formalWe have formal contacts with the government in case of emergencies.
keyWe'll provide you with key contacts in your area of interest.
secretHe had a network of secret contacts in the city.
levelWe have a diverse group of level contacts in our network.
limitedHe was only allowed very limited contacts to the outside world.
widerI have wider contacts in the industry than most people do.
occasionalAlthough sections of the population live in isolation, there are occasional contacts
cellPlant cells with different cell contacts may have variable responses to mechanical strain.
bilateralBoth countries have maintained stable bilateral contacts
earliestThe earliest contacts generally insignificant but not always, were made by American and European fur traders.
mutualHer and she have four friendly mutual contacts
focalDuring the glare test, the patient is asked to focus on focal contacts placed at different locations on the visual field.
sharpThe sharp contacts of the knife cut through the tomato.
prematureThe premature contacts resulted in an unexpected pregnancy.
relayThe relay contacts closed when the current reached the setpoint.

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