Adjectives for Contemporary

Adjectives For Contemporary

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing contemporary, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'contemporary' can significantly alter its meaning, providing nuanced insights into time, quality, and relationship dynamics. Describing someone as a 'younger contemporary' suggests a fresher, possibly more innovative perspective within the same field, whereas an 'older contemporary' implies a depth of experience or a foundational influence. The term 'great contemporary' elevates the subject, hinting at notable achievements or recognition. 'Exact' and 'more' add layers of precision and comparison, indicating closeness in age or relevance. 'Near contemporary' subtly shifts focus to proximity in time or ideology, bridging gaps between generations or schools of thought. Each adjective opens a new dimension of understanding, inviting readers to explore the complexities hidden within seemingly straightforward descriptions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring 'contemporary' to life in the list below.
youngerDr. Kim is a younger contemporary of my uncle.
greatThe great contemporary artist has a unique perspective on the world.
olderShe is my older contemporary
moreThe museum has been equipped with more contemporary installations.
famousThe famous contemporary artist, renowned for his abstract paintings, has had his work exhibited in galleries around the world.
englishThe English contemporary novel is known for its realism and social consciousness.
frenchThe new french contemporary home is full of natural light and has a modern, minimalist design.
mostThe most contemporary design trends were on display at the annual design show.
illustriousHis illustrious contemporary the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, died 12 years earlier.
onlyHe is the only contemporary artist who can be called a master at surrealism.
americanThe "American Contemporary" art movement began in the 1960s.
seniorThe senior contemporary artist showcased their latest work at the gallery.
germanThe German contemporary art scene is thriving.
closeHe was a close contemporary of her father.
juniorI am shopping for junior contemporary tops for my teenage daughter.
mainstreamMainstream contemporary music is often characterized by its catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms.
eminentDr. Smith is an eminent contemporary scientist.
distinguishedOne of the most distinguished contemporary writers, Jhumpa Lahiri, won the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
italianThe italian contemporary art world is full of talent and creativity.
greatestHe is now considered to be the greatest contemporary composer.
greaterHer astounding intellect is a product of greater contemporary education.
celebratedThe recently published novel by the celebrated contemporary author was an instant success.
worthyHe is a worthy contemporary of his more famous colleagues.
literaryThe literary contemporary is a new movement in literature that focuses on the exploration of contemporary issues and experiences.
brilliantThe artist's brilliant contemporary work was on display.
adultThe adult contemporary radio station played a mix of old and new hits.
earlierMy earlier contemporary Bill, will be visiting me next week.
spanishThe spanish contemporary art museum had a lot of interesting paintings.
informedThe most informed contemporary judgments about risks should be employed.
learnedThe learned contemporary had criticized his writing for its lack of clarity.
europeanThe painting represents a European contemporary style.
knownHe is a well-known contemporary sculptor.
urbanThe urban contemporary genre of music is a mix of R&B and hip hop.
laterThe later contemporary works of the artist are more abstract.
greekThe greek contemporary artist exhibited his sculptures in the gallery.
immediateShe is my immediate contemporary
prominentThe prominent contemporary artist has her work featured in many galleries.
scottishI'm very excited to see more Scottish contemporary artists being recognized internationally.
giftedThe gifted contemporary dancer moved with exquisite grace and power.
unknownAn unknown contemporary of Shakespeare wrote the play Arden of Faversham.
femaleShe is a respected female contemporary artist.
maleThe male contemporary dance company is known for its athleticism and grace.
centuryThe century contemporary home had a sleek and modern design.
intelligentThe intelligent contemporary analyst deftly navigated the complexities of the modern economy.
romanThe roman contemporary style is a popular choice for those who want a classic look.
influentialThe influential contemporary artist is known for their thought-provoking installations.
notableJohn Smith is a notable contemporary computer scientist.
renownedThe renowned contemporary artist is known for their abstract paintings.
florentineThe florentine contemporary art museum was full of interesting pieces.
ableThe writer's work is a powerful and able contemporary commentary on the postmodern condition.
catholicThe Catholic contemporary music scene is alive and well.

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