Adjectives for Contents

Adjectives For Contents

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing contents, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'contents' can be significantly influenced by the adjectives that precede it, painting vivid imagery and conveying precise information. Whether describing the 'gastric contents' of a medical diagnosis, capturing the richness of 'entire contents' of a treasure chest, or discussing 'high contents' of a nutrient in food, each adjective adds a layer of specificity and insight. The nuances brought about by adjectives like 'stomach', 'intestinal', and 'different' further broaden our understanding, guiding us through the context in which 'contents' are mentioned. Delving into how these descriptors intertwine with 'contents' offers a fascinating exploration of language's power. Discover the full spectrum and applications of adjectives paired with 'contents' below.
gastricThe doctor examined the patient's gastric contents to determine the cause of their illness.
stomachThe stomach contents were analyzed for evidence of food poisoning.
intestinalThe intestinal contents of the patient were analyzed for parasites.
entireThe team packed the entire contents of the storage unit into boxes.
differentThe boxes arrive at the warehouse with different contents
currentI will send you the current contents of the document.
higherThere are higher contents of organic matter in the urban forest compared to the rural forest.
lowThe report has low contents
wholeDiscard the whole contents of the bin.
mentalMental contents are often considered to be subjective experiences.
actualThe actual contents of the file were different from what was expected.
totalThe total contents of the safe were lost in the fire.
duodenalThe duodenal contents were collected and analyzed.
cubicThe cubic contents of the room are 1000 cubic meters.
orbitalThe ultrasound showed the orbital contents to be normal.
solidThe solid contents of the soup were not appetizing.
specificThe specific contents of the document are listed in the table below.
lowerThe chemistry values showed lower contents of hemoglobin compared to the check group.
originalThe website is known for its original contents and engaging articles.
liquidBe careful not to spill the liquid contents of the bottle.
organicThe organic contents of the soil improved the growth of the plants.
partialThe partial contents of the document were not available.
unconsciousThe analyst tries to bring the patient's unconscious contents into consciousness.
abdominalThe patient's abdominal contents were examined and found to be normal.
cubicalThe cubical contents of the room were calculated to be 10 cubic meters.
cellThe researcher examined the cell contents under a microscope.
granularThe granular contents of the soil were analyzed using a sieve analysis.
luminalThe luminal contents were passed through a 0.45 µm filter.
preciousHandle the box with care, as it contains precious contents
averageThe average contents of the box were unremarkable.
previousI had to delete the previous contents of my hard drive before installing the new operating system.
principalThe principal contents of the report were of great interest.
initialThe initial contents of the file were empty.
fatThe fat contents of the milk were too high for her diet.
intracranialHerniation of intracranial contents could occur with the mass.
rumenRumen contents are a complex mixture of ingested plant material, microbial biomass, and fermentation products.
valuableHe carefully guarded the valuable contents of his briefcase.
consciousThe conscious contents of our minds are fleeting and elusive.
psychicThe medium was able to tap into the psychic contents of the room.
exactPlease include the exact contents of your message.
cellularAfter the cell membrane was compromised, the cellular contents leaked out.
protoplasmicThe protoplasmic contents of the cell were clearly visible
acidThe acid contents of the stomach are essential for digestion.
essentialThe essential contents of the report were carefully reviewed.
cranialThe surgeon carefully lifted the flap to expose the cranial contents
detailedThe contract outlined the detailed contents of the agreement.
richThe website displayed rich contents and compelling visuals, keeping visitors engaged for an extended period.
cytoplasmicThe cytoplasmic contents of the cell were expelled during the experiment.
fluidThe fluid contents of the flask were poured into a beaker.
variedThe box contained varied contents from books to toys.
gastrointestinalThe patient's gastrointestinal contents were tested for the presence of bacteria.
propositionalThe propositional contents of my mind are largely influenced by my current circumstances.
netThe net contents of the package are 10 ounces.
gaseousThe gaseous contents of the balloon escaped through a small hole.
cognitiveThe importance of cognitive contents in education should not be overlooked.
concreteThe report includes concrete contents and is well-organized.
fossilRock fragments often contain fossil contents
respectiveThe two packages contain their respective contents
intracellularThe intracellular contents of the cell were released into the extracellular space.
intraocularThe intraocular contents include the cornea, iris, lens, and vitreous humor.
conceptualThe conceptual contents of the book were complex and challenging.
residualThe residual contents of the bottle were poured down the sink.
preciseThe precise contents of the document are as follows.

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