Adjectives for Context

Adjectives For Context

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing context, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives used with the noun 'context' can significantly change the perception of the described situation or matter. The adjective 'religious' places the context within spiritual or faith-based boundaries, often implying moral or ethical considerations. On the other hand, 'social context' highlights the impact of society and its structures, pointing towards communal and interpersonal dynamics. 'Historical' and 'cultural' contexts root the discussion in past events or specific cultural backgrounds, adding layers of tradition and heritage. The 'present context' emphasizes the current state or moment, focusing on the immediate situation. 'Larger context' suggests a broader perspective, encouraging a look beyond the immediate into wider implications or settings. Each adjective opens a different view to understanding our world, leading to the full list of adjectives that reveals the rich diversity in interpreting 'context'.
socialIn a social context the meaning of an action is determined by the context in which it occurs.
historicalThe historical context of the event was not discussed.
culturalThe cultural context of the novel is important to understanding its themes and characters.
presentThe present context is the set of circumstances that are currently relevant to a particular situation.
largerThis sentence is set within a larger context
politicalThe political context of the statement was clear.
broaderThe specific example can also be understood in a broader context
widerUnderstanding the topic requires a wider context
particularThe concordance of the Bible in a particular context can be a helpful tool for Bible study.
differentThe dress code for the event can be formal or informal depending on the different context
specificThe specific context of this sentence is important for understanding its meaning.
immediateThe immediate context of a word is the set of words that surround it.
internationalThe conference brought together experts from an international context to discuss the latest developments in the field.
properThe experiment can be reproduced by following the provided protocol with proper context
globalThe global context is important when making decisions.
currentThe current context provides valuable insights for understanding the complexities of the topic.
institutionalThe institutional context of the study will be examined.
originalThe original context of a statement is important for understanding its meaning.
organizationalThe new policy will provide organizational context for the teams.
indianIn the indian context family is often considered the most important social unit.
broadThe broad context of the article is about the history of the internet.
overallThe overall context of the report suggests that the economy is likely to remain strong in the coming months.
appropriatePlease provide the appropriate context so I can generate a sentence that fits.
environmentalThe environmental context of the study area is characterized by a temperate climate, with warm summers and mild winters.
contemporaryThe contemporary context of the novel highlights the complexities of modern-day relationships.
urbanThe urban context of the city is characterized by its high population density and its many skyscrapers.
regionalThe research should be conducted within the regional context of the study.
literaryThe literary context of the novel is important for understanding its themes.
africanThe African context is diverse and complex, with many different cultures and languages.
socioculturalThe proposal needs to be analyzed with the sociocultural context in mind.
linguisticThe company's recent financial report provided a linguistic context for understanding its overall economic performance.
theoreticalThe author argues that the theoretical context can provide a powerful lens for understanding the issue.
domesticThe domestic context in which the child was raised had a significant impact on their development.
educationalThe educational context of the study was a secondary school in a suburban area.
societalUnderstanding the societal context of an issue is crucial for developing effective solutions.
colonialThe colonial context influenced the development of many indigenous languages.
spatialThe spatial context of the object is on the table.
intellectualThe intellectual context of our time is shaped by the rise of social media, artificial intelligence, and climate change.
meaningfulThe meaningful context of a sentence is determined by the surrounding text.
archaeologicalThe archaeological context of the site dates back to the 18th century.
structuralThe office building has a structural context of steel and concrete.
ecologicalUnderstanding the ecological context of a species is crucial for conservation efforts.
southThe sun was high in the south context
relevantIt is important to provide relevant context when communicating.
dynamicThe dynamic context of the situation meant that the decision had to be made quickly.
temporalUnderstanding the temporal context of a conversation is crucial for effective communication.
interpersonalI am not sure what you mean by 'interpersonal context'. Could you please give me an example?
sociopoliticalThe film explores the sociopolitical context of the era in which it is set.
ideologicalThis ideological context is significant in understanding the political motivations of the group.
asianIn the bustling streets of Hong Kong, the vibrant energy of an Asian context filled the air.
canadianIn the Canadian context healthcare is a provincial responsibility.
theologicalHermeneutics is crucial for interpreting scripture in its proper theological context
geographicalThe geographical context of the story is set in a small town in the Midwest.
strategicThe company's strategic context has changed dramatically in recent years.

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