Adjectives for Contract

Adjectives For Contract

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing contract, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the intricate world of negotiations, the word 'contract' often carries powerful implications. The nuances of a 'social contract' evoke communal obligations and trust, while a 'new contract' suggests fresh beginnings or renegotiations. Mention of a 'year contract' instantly quantifies the duration, providing a clear timeline. An 'original contract' speaks to foundational agreements, possibly hinting at adjustments or breaches. The term 'valid contract' assures legality and enforceability, essential in establishing credibility. Each adjective, from 'term' contracts to others not listed, paints a unique aspect of obligations and expectations. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover the diverse narrative each one adds to the term 'contract'.
socialThe social contract is an agreement between the government and its citizens that defines the rights and responsibilities of each party.
newWe signed a new contract with the vendor last week.
yearI signed a one-year contract with the company.
originalThe original contract was signed in 1993.
termThe contractor was awarded a term contract for the maintenance of the building.
forwardThe forward contract will help to lock in the price of the goods and protect against price fluctuations.
formalThe signing of a formal contract is an important step in any business relationship.
bindingThis is a binding contract between the two parties.
civilThe parties entered into a civil contract that bound them together.
legalThe two parties created a legal contract regarding the sale of the house.
impliedThe implied contract between the company and its employees is one of trust and respect.
specialThe company entered into a special contract with the supplier to secure the exclusive distribution rights.
privateThe private contract was signed between the two parties.
psychologicalThe psychological contract between employees and employers is an unspoken agreement that shapes their mutual expectations and obligations.
simpleThe simple contract was made between the two parties.
standardThe standard contract for the purchase of goods and services.
executoryThe executory contract outlines the responsibilities of both parties and the consequences of breach.
exclusiveThe company has an exclusive contract with the supplier.
freeThe worker is now on a free contract
collectiveThe collective contract was signed by both the union and the management.
entireThe entire contract is void.
implicitThe implicit contract between students and teachers is that the former will show respect for the latter.
separateShe had a separate contract from her husband.
initialThe initial contract was signed last week.
conditionalThe conditional contract is subject to the satisfactory outcome of the survey.
quasiThe quasi contract was implied by the court to prevent unjust enrichment.
leaseThe lease contract should be reviewed carefully before signing.
verbalHe entered into a verbal contract with the company.
bilateralThe bilateral contract between the two parties was legally binding.
writtenWe have a written contract that outlines the terms of our employment.
subWe sub contract some of our work to other companies.
lucrativeThe newly signed lucrative contract will provide the company with a stable income stream for the next five years.
jointThe joint contract outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement between the two parties.
unilateralA unilateral contract is a contract that is formed when one party makes a promise to another party and the other party accepts the promise by performing the act requested.
commercialThe commercial contract between the two companies is set to expire next month.
monthHe signed a three-month contract with the company.
ordinaryThe ordinary contract will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.
therapeuticThe therapeutic contract is an agreement between the therapist and client that outlines the goals, expectations, and boundaries of the therapy.
optimalThe optimal contract should be fair to both parties.
mereMere contract alone could not create a partnership under the old English common law.
primeThe prime contract was awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.
priceI have a price contract with the supplier for the next two years.
typicalWe signed a typical contract after the purchase.
annualThe company signed an annual contract with the vendor to provide software support.
voluntaryUnder the voluntary contract the employer can dismiss an employee at will, without giving a reason.
allegedThe alleged contract was never signed.
explicitThe explicit contract specifies the terms and conditions of the agreement.
underlyingThe underlying contract will be deemed to be in force as of the Effective Date.
solemnThe court upheld the solemn contract between the two parties.
unwrittenThe unwritten contract between friends is one of loyalty and support.
dollarI signed a three-year, 20-million-dollar contract with the New York Mets.
permanentThe company offered her a permanent contract after three years of service.
voidableA voidable contract is an agreement that is valid until one or both parties choose to cancel it.
fixedShe signed a fixed contract with the company.
temporaryShe signed a temporary contract for a six-month period.
maritalThe marriage was never consummated, and thus the marital contract was considered void.

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