Adjectives for Control

Adjectives For Control

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing control, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'control' carries a range of nuances depending on the adjective it is paired with. For instance, 'social control' reflects on societal norms and governance, whereas 'complete control' denotes an absolute dominion over something. Similarly, 'direct control' implies hands-on management, contrasting with 'self control,' which speaks to personal discipline. 'Effective control' is about the efficiency in managing, while 'political control' delves into the realm of governmental power and influence. Each adjective unveils a distinct dimension of control, highlighting the diversity and complexity of its use in language. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with control, illuminating the varied contexts and interpretations below.
socialSocial control refers to informal and formal mechanisms used to regulate individuals and groups within a society.
completeThey had complete control over the situation.
directThe commander had direct control over the battalion.
selfHer strict self control made her ignore the rude comments.
effectiveThe company has effective control over its subsidiaries.
politicalThe government seized political control of the media.
fullShe had full control over her emotions.
moreThe use of AI has given us more control over our environment.
localThe state government granted local control to school districts regarding their mask mandates.
greaterThe company's recent acquisition has given it greater control over the supply chain.
centralThe central control unit of the computer is the motherboard.
remoteI lost the remote control for my TV.
betterBy empowering individuals, communities can gain better control over their futures.
totalHe had total control over the situation.
strictThe government's strict control over the media stifled dissent.
internalInternal control is important for any organization to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its financial records.
absoluteThe dictator had absolute control over the nation.
automaticThe robot's automatic control system ensured that it moved smoothly and efficiently.
administrativeThe administrative control over the project was transferred to a new manager.
biologicalBiological control is a sustainable and environmentally friendly method of controlling pests and diseases.
tightThe coach kept tight control over his team's practices.
voluntaryThe voluntary control of muscles occurs through the conscious effort of the brain.
britishThe British controlled the Indian subcontinent for over two centuries.
centralizedThe centralized control of the organization allowed for efficient decision-making and resource allocation.
geneticThe genetic control of complex traits is a major challenge in genomics.
externalThe company's external control systems ensure compliance with industry regulations.
federalThe federal government established federal control over the railroads during World War I.
financialFinancial control should be used to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively.
democraticThe political system should ensure democratic control over the military.
consciousThe conscious control of cognition allows for the manipulation of thoughts and emotions.
poorExcess speed and poor control contributed to the accident.
exclusiveThe exclusive control over this territory is important for our organization.
adequateThe bank has adequate control over its financial operations.
properThe new procedure ensures proper control of the experiment.
statisticalThe results of the experiment were under statistical control
pestI called the pest control company to come and get rid of the ants in my kitchen.
governmentalThe government restricts internet access by implementing governmental control
environmentalAdvanced knowledge of control system hardware and software. Experience with environmental control systems.
birthBirth control is a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy.
firmI have firm control over my emotions.
optimalOptimal control theory is a mathematical field that deals with the determination of control strategies for dynamic systems.
parental"My parents have enabled parental control software that limits my screen time."
perfectWith perfect control the pilot guided the plane through the turbulent storm.
preciseThe scientist conducted the experiment with precise control
civilianThe military must always be under civilian control
hormonalThe hormonal control of her body was out of whack.
lessThe driver had less control over the vehicle than he thought.
popularThe popular control of the government is essential for a true democracy.
carefulThe scientists developed a new method for the careful control of the experiment's variables.
negativeThe negative control group did not receive the experimental treatment.
closeThe team has close control over the project budget.
ultimateHaving the ultimate control she wielded her power with confidence and authority.
immediateThe soldier was given immediate control of the situation.
operationalThe auditable entity maintains operational control over both physical and logical access to data and resources.
adaptiveThe adaptive control system continuously adjusts its parameters to maintain optimal performance in the face of changing environmental conditions.
rigidThe company enforced rigid control over its employees' internet usage.
overallThe head office of the company maintains overall control over all the branches.
corporateThe company's recent merger gave it corporate control over a major competitor.
emotionalMaintaining emotional control is crucial for navigating life's challenges.
nervousHer nervous control over her fear is truly amazing.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary control is a set of mechanisms by which a parliament exerts influence over the government.
managerialThe firm's managerial control mechanisms were designed to ensure compliance with ethical standards.
legislativeThe governor has legislative control over the state's budget.
manualThe pilot took manual control of the aircraft.
communistThe government's communist control over the media stifled freedom of speech.
sovietThe Soviet control over various Eastern European states lasted for over four decades.
jointI am not sure how this joint control is supposed to work.
bureaucraticThe bureaucratic control made it difficult to get anything done quickly.
qualityThe quality control department ensures that products meet the required standards.
accurateThe robot operated with accurate control

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