Adjectives for Convention

Adjectives For Convention

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing convention, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'convention' can significantly alter its nuance, revealing the scope, frequency, founding principles, or political affiliations it embodies. A 'national convention' suggests a broad, countrywide gathering, whereas a 'constitutional convention' indicates a focus on foundational governance laws. When we talk about a 'democratic convention,' the emphasis is on societal representation and values. An 'annual convention' points to a regular, yearly occurrence, highlighting its established tradition. The term 'first convention' introduces an inaugural event, marking the beginning of a potentially enduring series. Conversely, a 'republican convention' frames the gathering within a specific political ideology. These nuances demonstrate how choosing the right adjective can provide deeper context to the 'convention' being discussed. Explore the full list of adjectives below to enhance your understanding and usage of this versatile noun.
nationalThe national convention was a lively event, with delegates from all over the country coming together to discuss the party's platform and choose their candidate for president.
constitutionalThe delegates to the constitutional convention met in secret to avoid public pressure.
democraticThe democratic convention was held in a large auditorium.
annualThe trade union will hold its annual convention in Chicago next week.
firstThe first convention was held in 1848.
republicanThe Republican convention was a lively affair, with delegates from all over the country gathering to nominate their candidate for president.
presentThe present convention is to use a semicolon to end a line, but there are some exceptions.
socialIt is a social convention to shake hands when meeting someone for the first time.
internationalThe international convention on the law of the sea is an example of international law.
generalWe need to follow the general convention of the project.
secondThe second convention will be held next week.
nextI'm looking forward to the next convention
literaryThe writer uses the common literary convention of the unreliable narrator to make the reader question the events of the story.
federalThe delegates to the federal convention argued over the representation of the states.
militaryThe peace accord ended the military convention between the two sides.
thirdThe third convention will be held in the fall of next year.
mereMere convention dictates that a handshake should be the traditional greeting.
recentThe recent convention was a great success with many attendees.
usualThe new design broke with usual convention and went viral.
preThe pre convention was held in the city center.
whigThe Whig convention nominated Henry Clay for president.
lateThe late convention was a disaster.
fourthThe fourth convention attracted twice as many exhibitors as last year.
foundingThe founding convention was held in 1787 in Philadelphia.
jointThe joint convention of the two political parties drew a large crowd.
standardThe standard convention dictates that all visitors must sign in at the reception desk.
presidentialThe presidential convention was held in a large hall.
commercialI'm going to the commercial convention this weekend.
linguisticThe linguistic convention dictating the use of the semicolon rather than the comma in this sentence is considered controversial.
secretThe secret convention was held in a secluded location to ensure privacy.
arbitraryThe arbitrary convention of using the number 13 as unlucky is still followed by many people.
regularThe regular convention will be held in the city center.
yearThe company uses a fiscal year convention for its financial reporting.
poeticThe poetic convention of the sonnet dictates a specific rhyme scheme and meter.
provincialThe provincial convention was held in the city's largest hotel.
biennialThe biennial convention will be held in the city center this year.
consularThe treaty is known as the Consular convention
artisticThis painting violates the artistic convention of using realistic colors.
fifthThe fifth convention will be held in the fall.
famousThe famous convention was held at the city's convention center.
theatricalThe play adhered to the theatrical convention of employing a chorus to comment on the action.
dramaticThe characters engage in a dramatic convention to convey their emotions.
multilateral"The Paris Agreement is a legally binding multilateral convention on climate change."
dayThe day convention for this instrument is 'following'
pastoralThe pastoral convention is a literary device used to describe a romanticized version of rural life.
liberalThe activists gathered at the liberal convention to discuss their agenda.
forthcomingThe forthcoming convention focused on topics such as climate change and sustainable development.
calledThe conference called convention was postponed due to weather.
notationalThe notational convention adopted by the author is somewhat cumbersome.
turkishThe Turkish convention is a set of rules and customs that govern social behaviour in Turkey.
sixthThe sixth convention was held in a grand hotel.
diocesanThe diocesan convention is the annual meeting of the clergy and lay people of a diocese.
progressiveThe progressive convention was held in a large hall in the city center.
seventhThe seventh convention was held in a grand ballroom.
populistThe populist convention attracted a wide range of participants from all over the country.

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