Adjectives for Copies

Adjectives For Copies

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing copies, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe copies can significantly impact the tone and clarity of your message. Whether you're referring to few copies to emphasize scarcity, or many copies to highlight abundance, each adjective carries its own weight and color. Multiple and several copies suggest a sense of more than two but not a large quantity, offering a balanced perspective. Meanwhile, additional and more copies indicate an increase or surplus, perfect for situations requiring expansion or emphasis on extra quantities. Discover how these subtleties in language can enhance your expression and communication by exploring the full list of adjectives below.
fewThe book store had only a few copies left in inventory.
manyThere are many copies of this book in the library.
multipleThe store had multiple copies of the book I was looking for.
severalI have several copies of that book.
additionalWe ordered additional copies of the book.
moreThe teacher asked the students to make more copies of their notes.
printedI have three printed copies of that book.
singleThese are single copies of our most popular books
certifiedI need to get certified copies of my birth certificate.
extraShe always keeps extra copies of important documents.
duplicateThe duplicate copies of the document were sent to the wrong address.
freeThe library is offering free copies of the book to students.
exactThe paintings were exact copies of the originals.
hardThe hard copies of the document were distributed to the team members.
identicalThe identical copies of the painting were sold at auction.
completeThe binders had complete copies of the reports.
numerousResearchers discovered numerous copies of the ancient manuscript in a remote library.
enoughWe did not have enough copies of the book for all of the students.
fairOur teacher asked us to write fair copies of the poems.
extantThe extant copies of the book are in poor condition.
trueThe documents are true copies of the original.
complimentaryThe company sent complimentary copies of their new book to all of its employees.
boundThe bound copies of the book were available in the library.
unsoldThe bookstore has a pile of unsold copies in the back room.
photostaticIn addition to the original documents, photostatic copies were provided for our records.
photographicWe requested photographic copies of the records.
perfectThe forger produced perfect copies of the old master's paintings.
mereThe original artwork is worth much more than mere copies of it.
ancientThe ancient copies of the manuscript were carefully examined.
separateI made separate copies of the documents for each person.
sufficientThe library had sufficient copies of the book to meet the demand.
accurateI need accurate copies of the financial reports.
laterExamining later copies of the manuscript, however, scholars have found that subsequent editors changed some of the punctuation.
imperfectThe imperfect copies were barely readable.
availableUnfortunately, there are no available copies of this book.
mimeographedMy teacher handed out mimeographed copies of the report.
romanThese Roman copies of Greek sculptures are on display at the museum.
faithfulThe original paintings had been replaced with faithful copies
officialI need two official copies of the marriage certificate.
typedShe handed out typed copies of the presentation.
handwrittenMy grandmother treasured the handwritten copies of her favorite poems.
photostatShe made photostat copies of the documents.
earliestThe earliest copies of the book were published in 1609.
greekThe Greek copies nonetheless, confirm the reading of the Vulgate.
unauthorizedThe copyright holder is taking legal action against unauthorized copies
electronicThe team shared electronic copies of the report with the stakeholders.
illegalThey were selling illegal copies of the new movie before it was even released in theaters.
cleanThe students submitted clean copies of their assignments.
digitalI made digital copies of all my important documents.
cheapHe saw cheap copies of his favorite books at the flea market.
piratedI downloaded the pirated copies of the software, and it worked just as well as the original.
fewerMy company is producing fewer copies of our new newsletter article this month due to budget cuts.
correctPlease make three correct copies of this document.
sampleThe company offered sample copies of the publication free of charge.
roughI always make rough copies before submitting my final work.
distributedThe distributed copies of the book were sent to the different branches of the library.
autographedHe signed autographed copies of his book upon request.
miniatureShe collected miniature copies of famous paintings.
oldestThe oldest copies of the text date back to the 13th century.
writtenThey requested written copies of the contract.

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