Adjectives for Copy

Adjectives For Copy

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing copy, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a copy can dramatically alter the perception of its quality, authenticity, and uniqueness. A hard copy conveys tangibility, while a single copy emphasizes rarity or exclusivity. When we claim it as our own copy, it personalizes possession. A certified copy heightens its legal validity, and an original copy underscores its first-generation status, whereas an exact copy suggests flawless duplication. Such nuances highlight how adjectives intricately convey the essence and value of copies in various contexts. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with 'copy' to capture its multifaceted nature.
hardI prefer a hard copy of the document, rather than a digital one.
singleI am looking for a single copy of this book.
ownI actually have a lot of work for you to do and I would like you to do your own copy
certifiedI need a certified copy of my birth certificate.
originalThe original copy of the document was lost.
exactThis is an exact copy of the original.
trueHere is a true copy of the document.
fairBefore handing in your essay, remember to make a fair copy
goodCopy is king, and good copy can make all the difference between winning and losing a customer.
printedHe mailed the printed copy on Friday.
freePlease provide me with a free copy of the book.
second"Where is my second copy of my passport?"
onlyOnly copy worth keeping.
fineI have a fine copy of that book.
completeI have a complete copy of the original document.
finalHere is your final copy
duplicateCould you please send me a duplicate copy of the invoice?
perfectThe perfect copy enticed me to buy the product.
typedThe typed copy was easy to read.
typewrittenThe typewritten copy of the text contained several errors.
cleanHere is a clean copy of the document.
extraI have an extra copy of the book if you need it.
boundThe bound copy of the document was on file at the courthouse.
ready"Ready Copy" is a term used in advertising to describe the final version of the ad copy that is ready to be used in the campaign.
thirdI need a third copy of the document.
faithfulThis document is a faithful copy of the original.
officialI need an official copy of the document, please.
roughThe rough copy of the report is full of mistakes.
writtenThe written copy for the advertisement was clear and concise.
photostaticCan I get a photostatic copy of this document?
uniqueI found a unique copy of that book at the library.
annotatedThe annotated copy of the book was on the professor's desk.
imperfectThe imperfect copy was almost indistinguishable from the original.
mereThe book was a mere copy of the original.
correctPlease submit the correct copy asap.
centuryThe century copy of the book sold for a record price.
romanThe sculpture is a Roman copy of a Greek original.
authenticThe authentic copy of the painting is on display at the museum.
beautifulThe artwork was a beautiful copy of the original.
photographicI made a photographic copy of the document for my records.
signedShe requested a signed copy of the book.
extantI have an extant copy of the book.
handwrittenHere is a handwritten copy of the document you requested.
identicalThe original painting was stolen and replaced with an identical copy
freshPlease provide me with a fresh copy of the report.
autographedMy father received an autographed copy of the new book from the author.
accuratePlease provide me an accurate copy of the document.
complimentaryI received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher.
contemporaryThe website's contemporary copy enticed visitors with its modern and engaging language.
excellentThe marketing campaign used excellent copy to increase sales by 20%.
closeThe close copy of the painting was almost indistinguishable from the original.
latestWe have just received the latest copy of the magazine.
mimeographedThe students read the mimeographed copy of the poem.
earliestThe earliest copy of the book was printed in 1605.
promptI need to write prompt copy for a new marketing campaign.
attestedI received an attested copy of the document last week.
reducedThe reduced copy was made available to the public.
literalA literal copy is an exact reproduction of the original.
softCould you please email me a soft copy of the document?
electronicWould you like a print copy or an electronic copy?
markedThe marked copy of the book was given to the professor.
verbatimPlease provide me with a verbatim copy of the document.
interleavedThe interleaved copy of the plasmid was cotransformed into E. coli along with vector pACYC184.
authenticatedThe client was asked to provide an authenticated copy of the passport.
oldestThat recipe is from the oldest copy of the cookbook.

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