Adjectives for Copyright

Adjectives For Copyright

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing copyright, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe copyright can significantly affect the tone and clarity of your message. Whether referring to international copyright laws that safeguard creators across borders, or discussing the importance of original copyright in protecting unique works, each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning. The term English copyright, for instance, emphasizes geographic specificity, while new copyright hints at recent changes or updates in legislation. Similarly, text copyright zeroes in on written content, whereas statutory copyright underscores the legal underpinning. Delve into the nuances with our full list of adjectives tailored to enhance your understanding and use of the term 'copyright'.
internationalThe product is protected by international copyright
originalThe original copyright to the book belongs to the author.
englishThe book is protected by english copyright
newThe new copyright law protects artists' work from being copied without their permission.
textThe text copyright belongs to the author.
statutoryThe copyright of this work is protected by the statutory copyright law.
commonThis image is protected by common copyright
americanThis document is protected by the American copyright Act.
perpetualThe novel has been placed under perpetual copyright ensuring its protection for an indefinite period of time.
entireThe entire copyright of the work belongs to the author.
literaryThe author of the book did not have a literary copyright so the book could be freely downloaded from the internet.
validThe photograph has a valid copyright owned by the photographer.
britishThe British copyright Act protects the rights of creators and owners of copyrighted works in the United Kingdom
australianAustralian copyright law protects the rights of creators of original works.
artisticHis artistic copyright is valid for 50 years after his death.
exclusiveThe artist owns the exclusive copyright to this work.
philippineThe Philippine copyright Act of 1987 protects the rights of authors and other creators of original works.
musicalThe musical copyright protects the exclusive rights of the creators for a specified duration.
federalThe federal copyright law protects original works of authorship.
interimThe record label is holding the interim copyright until the songwriter registers it with the Copyright Office.
libraryThe library copyright applies to all books and materials in the library.
separateThe publication was under separate copyright
outThis work is out copyright and in the public domain.
forewordThe foreword copyright is held by the author.
photographsThese photographs copyright the photographer.
limitedAll rights reserved. Limited copyright applies.
chicagoThe Chicago copyright Act is a federal law that protects the rights of copyright holders.
intellectualThis article discusses the legal protections available to authors and creators under intellectual copyright
legalHe violated the legal copyright of the music.
canadianThe Canadian copyright Act has been in effect since 1921.
jointThe joint copyright holders have agreed to share the profits equally.
digitalThey don't realize that digital copyright remains in effect for an author's lifetime plus 70 years.
contentThis article is subject to content copyright
parliamentaryThe parliamentary copyright for the official text of the ordinance is held by the Government Printer.
abovementionedThe abovementioned copyright notice appears on the title page of the book.
registeredThe article was protected by a registered copyright
aboveThe above copyright message should not appear on pages in the main namespace.
electronicThe electronic copyright protects the intellectual property of digital creators.
dc21All rights are reserved for this article & picture, dc21 copyright
soleThe author claims sole copyright of the artwork.
yearThis book is under year copyright of 2018.
editorial"The editorial copyright for this article is owned by the publisher."
cincinnatiCincinnati copyright will protect your intellectual property.
colonial"If you do not like British restrictions or habits, you are free to go to America," explained the man, his words heavy with colonial copyright
prerogativeUnder the Berne Convention, every work published is given prerogative copyright protection.
dallasDallas copyright law protects your intellectual property.

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