Adjectives for Core

Adjectives For Core

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing core, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe core can profoundly affect the nuance of your sentence, providing depth and precision to your message. The word core, signifying the most essential or central part of something, can take on a variety of characteristics with adjectives like central, highlighting its importance, or very, denoting its utmost essence. Descriptors such as hard and solid emphasize its strength and resilience, while inner and common can imply its fundamental nature in different contexts. Each of these adjectives serves to sharpen the focus on the core's distinctive traits. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives tailored for core and learn how to use them to enrich your writing.
centralHe has a rare muscle condition known as central core disease.
hardHe's a hard core fan of that show.
innerThe planet's inner core is the hottest part of the Earth.
commonCommon core is a set of educational standards that outline what students should know and be able to do in math and English language arts.
solidA solid core of supporters helped the party win the election.
magneticThe cable is wrapped around the magnetic core
urbanThe urban core is the central and most densely populated part of a city.
outerThe outer core of the Earth is liquid and rich in iron and nickel.
essentialThe essential core of the project remains intact.
softThe movie has a soft core that is a little too tame for some viewers.
denseThe dense core of the galaxy contains a supermassive black hole.
greyThe grey core of the concrete was revealed after the old paint had been chipped away.
basicThe proposal outlined a basic core of new strategies aimed at higher efficiency.
hydrophobicThe hydrophobic core of a protein is composed of nonpolar amino acids.
hollowThe hollow core of the wire allowed for better conductivity.
innermostThe innermost core of the Earth is solid and made of iron.
liquidThe Earth's liquid core is a layer of molten iron and nickel located between the solid inner core and the mantle.
laminatedThe laminated core of the transformer provides mechanical support for the windings.
darkThe dark core of the planet was shrouded in cosmic dust.
stableDespite the currents, the boat had a stable core and did not capsize.
cylindricalThe cylindrical core fit snugly into the larger container.
grayThe storm clouds had a gray core and silver edges.
spiritualMeditation helped me connect with my spiritual core
concreteThe tall building had a strong concrete core
hotThe fusion reaction happens in the hot core of the sun.
historicThe historic core of the city has been preserved.
emotionalThe emotional core of the movie resonated deeply with the audience.
commercialThe commercial core of the city is a vibrant hub of activity.
metallicThe Earth's metallic core is responsible for generating its magnetic field.
technicalThis latest model has a technical core that is based on the same technology as the previous one.
nuclearThe nuclear core is the central region of an atom.
shapedThe shaped core of the lava was a mesmerizing sight.
woodenThe wooden core of the table was strong and sturdy.
vitalThe vital core of the project lay in its ability to connect disparate systems.
ironThe motor had a powerful iron core that generated a strong magnetic field.
thinThe thin core wire is ideal for wiring small electronics.
ferromagneticThe ferromagnetic core of a transformer conducts magnetic flux between two coils.
theoreticalThe foundational principles of economics are largely based on its theoretical core
thickThe thick core of the tree made it difficult to cut down.
structuralThe structural core of the building had to be reinforced to meet safety regulations.
deepestAt the deepest core of the spacecraft, lay the control panel.
brownThe apple had a brown core
necroticThe necrotic core of the tumor was surrounded by a thin layer of viable cells.
richThe company has a rich core that allows it to stay ahead of the competition.
movableThe movable core of the Earth's inner core is thought to be composed of solid iron.
functionalThe fitness trainer helped the client develop a stronger functional core
crystallineThe crystalline core of the Earth is composed of solid iron and nickel.
conceptualThe conceptual core of their theory is the idea that humans are fundamentally social beings.
bonyI could feel the bony core of the fish through the skin.
toughHe is a retired military man with a tough core
honeycombThe honeycomb core of the airplane wing was lightweight and strong.
irreducible"Irreducible core" refers to the essential and indivisible characteristics of something.
dynamicOur dynamic core team was able to bring the product to market ahead of schedule.
repulsiveThe repulsive core accounts for the short-range repulsion between two atoms or molecules.
ideologicalShe admitted that the ideological core of these beliefs is the nature of truth
substantialThe company's substantial core business has been the production and sale of automobiles.
convectiveThe convective core of stars is the region where heat is transferred by convection.
stellarThe stellar core is the hottest and densest part of a star.
turbulentThe turbulent core of the storm raged with relentless intensity.
emptyThe tree's empty core was a cavernous hollow.
compactThe compact core of the system is surrounded by a series of concentric shells.

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