Adjectives for Corner

Adjectives For Corner

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing corner, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives that embellish the noun 'corner' uncovers the spatial and metaphorical significance it can hold in our expression. Words like 'left', 'right', 'upper', 'lower', and 'far' not only delineate the physical location but also evoke a sense of direction and perspective. Whether referring to the 'hand' corner in a manuscript or the 'upper' corner of a painting, each adjective conveys a unique aspect of position and potential for action or observation. Understanding these nuances can enrich our communication, providing clarity and precision. Dive deeper into how these and other adjectives expand the meaning of 'corner' in our full list below.
leftThe cat was hiding in the left corner of the closet.
rightThe clock sits in the right corner of the room.
upperThe spider built its web in the upper corner of the room.
handTurn right at the bottom left-hand corner.
lowerThe lower corner of the painting had been torn.
farHe hid the evidence in the far corner of the basement.
northwestThe Northwest corner of the map is largely unexplored.
southwestTurn left at the southwest corner of the intersection.
southeastThe southeast corner of the square is marked with a red flag.
eastThe restaurant is located on the east corner of Main Street and Elm Street.
westThe west corner of the room was cluttered with boxes.
darkI couldn't see clearly in the dark corner
topShe placed the ball in the top corner of the net.
oppositeThe two players stood at opposite corners of the court.
remoteThe old, dusty bookshelves were tucked away in a remote corner of the library.
nextTurn right at the next corner
bottomThe ball rolled into the bottom corner of the net.
quietThere was a quiet corner in the library where people could study.
easternWe reserved the eastern corner of the room for storage.
westernThe western corner of the state is home to the highest mountain peaks.
southeasternThe southeastern corner of the state is home to the largest city.
extremeThe ball rolled into the extreme corner of the room.
southwesternThe property is located in the southwestern corner of the city.
northeasternThe northeastern corner of the property is adjacent to the main road.
northwesternThe northwestern corner of the state is home to many lakes and forests.
farthestThe treasure was hidden in the farthest corner of the basement.
backShe put the bag in the back corner of the room.
sharpThe sharp corner of the table caught my eye.
obscureHe found the book in an obscure corner of the library.
distantThe distant corner of the room was shrouded in darkness.
frontThe front corner of the house is the best spot to watch the sunset.
darkestShe hid the evidence in the darkest corner of her basement.
southThe delivery van pulled up to the south corner of the intersection.
innerThe inner corner of the eye is the point closest to the nose.
tightWe managed to extricate ourselves from that tight corner
outerThe outer corner of the eye is called the canthus.
northI'm going to the north corner of the park.
chimneyThe old lady sat in the chimney corner knitting a sock.
outsideThe outside corner of the building was damaged in the storm.
rearThe rear corner of the building had been badly damaged by the storm.
insideThe inside corner of the room had a large window.
secludedThe secluded corner of the library provided a tranquil space for reading.
righthandThe map is in the righthand corner of the drawer.
northernThe house was situated in the northern corner of the town.
warmThe cat curled up in a warm corner of the couch.
southernThe old house is located in the southern corner of the town.
streetI saw a man standing on the street corner
remotestThe remotest corner of the earth holds many secrets.
nearestThe nearest corner is just a few steps away.
tinyHe found a tiny corner in the attic where he could hide.
shelteredThe sheltered corner of the garden offered some respite from the scorching sun.
furthestThe furthest corner of the room was shrouded in shadows.
softHe had a soft corner for his childhood friends.
shadyThe shady corner seemed to hide something sinister.
amenThe team was victorious in the amen corner of the tournament.
busyThe busy corner was full of people and traffic.
shadowyHe crept into the shadowy corner seeking refuge from the piercing gaze of the guards.
wayTake the second way corner to my house.
roundedThe table has a rounded corner
dimShe peered into the dim corner her heart pounding with unease.
squareTurn left at the square corner
sunnyShe sat in her sunny corner and read.
hiddenI discovered a hidden corner of the garden where wildflowers bloomed in profusion.
nearThe coach saw the play from the near corner
snugI curled up in a snug corner with a good book.
emptyThe empty corner of the room was a stark reminder of her absence.
posteriorThe posterior corner of the building was damaged in the storm.
lateralThe lateral corner of the room was occupied by a large bookcase.
darkenedShadows danced in the darkened corner of the room.
oddThe little ball was tucked away in the odd corner of the room.
distalThe distal corner of the nail was slightly inflamed.
cozyHe settled into his cozy corner with a good book.
dustyThe old books were gathering dust in the dusty corner of the library.
cosyWe curled up in the cosy corner with a good book and a cup of tea.
retiredMy father retired last week, and spends his days reading books in his favorite retired corner of the living room.
isolatedShe was sitting in the isolated corner

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