Adjectives for Cost

Adjectives For Cost

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing cost, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating the nuanced world of finance can often lead to a maze of decisions, especially when it comes to understanding the cost. The adjective paired with 'cost' does not merely quantify but adds a layer of insight into the economic conversation. Terms like total cost provide a bird's eye view of expenditure, whereas high cost and low cost determine affordability scales. Meanwhile, average cost allows for market comparisons, and marginal cost is key for decision-making at the micro level. The distinction between lower cost options highlights competitive advantages. Each adjective shapes the financial narrative, providing depth to discussions on expenses. For a more comprehensive understanding of how adjectives reveal the varied dimensions of 'cost', explore the full list below.
totalThe total cost of the project was over $1 million.
highThe high cost of living in the city was a major factor in our decision to move.
lowThe low cost of the product made it a good investment.
averageThe average cost of the new sneakers is $80.
marginalThe marginal cost of each additional unit produced is often higher than the average cost.
lowerWe can offer you a lower cost if you order in bulk.
annualThe annual cost of healthcare is increasing rapidly.
actualThe actual cost of the project was significantly higher than the initial estimate.
additionalThe additional cost of the upgrade is $50.
initialThe initial cost of the project was $1 million.
higherThe higher cost of living in the city is a major concern for many people.
originalThe original cost of the car was $20,000.
extraWe offer free shipping on all orders over $50, with an extra cost for expedited shipping.
minimumThe company's goal is to achieve minimum cost
lowestThe lowest cost solution was chosen.
variableVariable costs vary with the quantity of goods or services produced.
reasonableYou can get high-quality products at a reasonable cost
lessThe project completed ahead of time and for less cost
directThe direct cost of the project was $1 million.
netThe net cost of the project is expected to be around $5 million.
fixedThe fixed cost of the machine is $100.
fullThe company will cover the full cost of the project.
overallThe overall cost of the project was $1 million.
realThe real cost of the vacation was much higher than we had anticipated.
relativeThe relative cost of goods in two different countries can be compared using purchasing power parity.
entireThe entire cost of the project was estimated to be around $1 million.
possibleWe should consider the possible cost of this project.
considerableThe renovation project will incur considerable cost
trueThe financial investment is important, but we must also consider the true cost to the environment.
currentThe current cost of the project is $10,000.
leastThe company plans to implement the change in the least cost way.
heavyThe war came at a heavy cost to human life.
incrementalThe incremental cost of the new project is expected to be minimal.
enormousThe enormous cost of the project was a major concern for investors.
estimatedThe estimated cost of the project is $1 million.
financialThe financial cost of the project was estimated to be $10 million.
standardThe standard cost of the product is $10 per unit.
minimalThe project is expected to be completed with minimal cost
reducedThe price of the product with the reduced cost was listed at $10.
primeThe prime cost of the product is the sum of the direct material cost, direct labor cost, and manufacturing overhead cost.
addedThe project was completed at an added cost of $1 million.
computationalThe computational cost of the algorithm is too high.
expectedThe expected cost of the project is $1 million.
moderateThe moderate cost of this product makes it a good value.
overheadThe overhead cost is included in the total price.
runThe run cost is too high.
nominalThe nominal cost of the project was $$10,000$.
comparativeThe comparative cost of producing a good or service is the ratio of the cost of producing that good or service to the cost of producing another good or service.
probableThe probable cost of the new project is $100,000.
excessiveThe excessive cost of the project has forced us to reconsider our plans.
indirectThe indirect cost of the project was estimated to be around $10,000.
monthlyThe monthly cost of rent is $1,200.
weightedThe weighted cost of the portfolio is determined by the proportion of each asset in the portfolio.
administrativeThe project has a high administrative cost most of it for personnel.
yearlyThe yearly cost of attending college has skyrocketed.
ultimateThe ultimate cost of war is not measured in dollars and cents.
substantialThe project was abandoned due to its substantial cost
prohibitiveThe prohibitive cost of the surgery prevented him from getting the help he needed.
modestThe book was available at a modest cost
onlineI checked the online cost of the shoes.
tremendousThe project is estimated to incur a tremendous cost
terribleThe war came at a terrible cost
grossThe gross cost of the project was $1 million.
taxThe tax cost of the new policy is estimated to be $10 billion.
equivalentPurchasing the generic brand will result in an equivalent cost compared to buying the name brand.

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