Adjectives for Council

Adjectives For Council

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing council, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a council can significantly impact the perception of its role, authority, and function. A privy council implies a select group with confidential advising roles, whereas a general council may suggest broader, more inclusive deliberation. An executive council carries a sense of decision-making power, akin to executive branches in governments. Branding a council as new can highlight recent formation or restructuring, suggesting adaptability and modernization. Conversely, a common council or a great council may evoke feelings of tradition, democratic governance, or significant historical importance. The nuance each adjective brings paints a vivid picture of the council’s identity and purpose. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover the multifaceted roles councils can play.
privyThe privy council met to discuss the latest crisis.
generalThe general council voted against the proposal.
executiveThe executive council convened to discuss the company's future.
newThe new council will be sworn in next week.
commonThe common council passed a new ordinance.
greatThe great council was convened to discuss the fate of the kingdom.
legislativeThe legislative council was convened to discuss the new bill.
municipalThe municipal council debated the proposed budget for the next fiscal year.
localThe local council is responsible for providing services to the community.
nationalThe National council is responsible for implementing the provisions of the constitution.
advisoryThe mayor appointed a new advisory council to help her make decisions about the city's future.
provincialThe provincial council elected the new governor.
grandThe grand council discussed various measures to address the impending crisis.
tribalThe tribal council voted to send Ethan home.
secondThe members of the second council were all experienced politicians.
supremeThe supreme council approved the new regulations.
royalThe royal council met to discuss the kingdom's future.
wholeThe whole council voted in favor of the new policy.
ecumenicalThe Ecumenical council met to discuss the ongoing war.
fullThe full council will meet on Monday to discuss the budget.
centralThe tribunal has its central council located in the city centre.
memberThe member council met to discuss a new policy.
administrativeThe administrative council approved the new regulations.
regionalThe regional council decided on a new tax rate for the upcoming year.
presidentialThe presidential council met to discuss the latest developments.
federalThe Federal council is the executive body of the Swiss Confederation.
militaryThe military council has launched a crackdown on dissent.
thirdThe third council took place at Pataliputra under the patronage of Ashoka.
fourthThe fourth council was held in Chalcedon in 451.
jointThe joint council is composed of representatives from both unions and management.
permanentThis agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Permanent council convened by the administrative judge.
secretThe secret council convened in the dead of night to discuss the fate of the kingdom.
norwegianThe Norwegian council for Sustainable Development will prepare an analysis.
ecclesiasticalThe ecclesiastical council gathered to address the pressing issue of church reform.
representativeThe representative council met to discuss the new budget.
electedThe elected council discussed the issue at their last meeting.
imperialThe imperial council met to discuss the war in the east.
consultativeHe attended a consultative council aimed at understanding the local peoples' thinking.
innerThe inner council met twice to discuss the matter.
judicialThe judicial council convened to discuss the recent allegations of misconduct.
electiveThe elective council voted to approve the new budget.
ministerialMembers of the ministerial council called for closer cooperation between the two countries during their recent meeting.
townThe town council is responsible for making decisions about the town's budget and services.
manThe man council decided to meet on Monday.
provisionalThe provisional council was formed to oversee the transition to a new government.
famousThe city's famous council has been in operation for over 100 years.
ruralThe rural council is responsible for providing services to the residents of the county.
fifthThe fifth council will determine the future of the organization.
calledThe school board called council to discuss the final budget.
communalThe communal council discussed the plans for the new park.
solemnThe solemn council convened in a dimly lit chamber, their faces etched with concern.
holyThe holy council met in the sacred chamber to deliberate on matters of faith.
superiorThe superior council made a final decision on the matter.
colonialThe colonial council met to discuss the new tax laws.
sixthThe Sixth council of the Church was held in Constantinople in 680-681.
academicThe academic council convened to discuss the proposed changes to the curriculum.
coordinatingThe coordinating council has been formed to help the various agencies work together.
nominatedThe nominated council members will be announced next week.
informalThe informal council discussed the issue at length.
honourableThe honourable council convened to discuss the matter of great importance.
amphictyonicThe Amphictyonic council was a religious and political organization in ancient Greece.
territorialThe territorial council is responsible for the administration of the territory.

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