Adjectives for Counter

Adjectives For Counter

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing counter, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'counter' can subtly shift its meaning and visual appeal in a sentence. A 'proportional counter' hints at precise measurements and balance in its context, while 'the counter' grounds us in familiarity, pointing out a specific, known counter. A 'bit counter' introduces a touch of technology or minimalism, depending on the context. Describing a counter as 'over' might imply excess or a position, adding a layer of spatial understanding. A 'long counter' stretches the imagination to spaces like kitchens or bars, where length is a valued commodity. Lastly, a 'liquid counter' evokes curiosity about its function or design, blending the tangible with the abstract. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'counter' to discover how each uniquely influences perception and narrative.
proportionalThe proportional counter is a type of radiation detector that measures the intensity of ionizing radiation.
theThe baking ingredients are on the counter
bitThe bit counter recorded 101010101010.
longThe waitress placed our order on the long counter
liquidThe liquid counter was malfunctioning.
frontI need to go to the front counter to ask a question.
electronicThe electronic counter recorded the accurate number of products manufactured.
woodenThe wooden counter was covered in crumbs.
synchronousThe synchronous counter reached the target value.
downThe timer is a down counter that starts at 24 hours.
digitalThe digital counter displayed the number of attendees accurately.
effectiveThe team's defense has an effective counter for the opponents' offense.
rippleThe ripple counter is a type of counter that uses a series of flip-flops to store the count value.
simpleMy simple counter is perfect for tracking everyday items.
mechanicalThe mechanic used a mechanical counter to count the number of screws he had used.
geigerThe Geiger counter indicated high radiation levels in the area.
automaticThis new machine is an automatic counter
internalThe internal counter was used to track the number of times the loop had been executed.
stageThe stage counter indicated that the show was halfway through.
deliI went to the deli counter to buy some cheese.
typeI needed to use a type counter and I found one online.
asynchronousThe asynchronous counter is used to count the number of events that occur at irregular intervals.
binaryThe binary counter reached the maximum value.
digitThe digit counter will count the number of digits in a given number.
variableThis is a variable counter
bodyDespite the mounting body counter the warlords refused to lay down their arms.
cosmeticI walked past the cosmetic counter and noticed a new display.
shapedThe server had a uniquely shaped counter
backHe went to the back counter to ask for a refund.
typicalThe typical counter was made of granite.
separateShe kept the sugar and milk in a separate counter
electricThe technician used an electric counter to check the meter's accuracy.
toppedThe topped counter in the kitchen was covered in flour.
opticalThe optical counter measured the number of photons passing through the optical fiber.
narrowI have almost no space to cook since my new apartment has such a narrow counter
sensitiveThe sensitive counter recorded a slight increase in activity.
appropriateUse an appropriate counter to keep track of the number of times an event occurs.
polishedI cleaned the polished counter with a damp cloth.
globalThe global counter has reached a new high.
usefulThe mechanic used a useful counter to remove the bolt.
crystalThe crystal counter sparkled in the sunlight.
decimalThe decimal counter is used to count events or objects.
filledThe filled counter has a lot of change.
availableAfter unloading the boxes, place them on the available counter
automatedThe automated counter has counted 100 items.
retailHe walked up to the retail counter to make a purchase.
rayThe researchers used cloud chamber photos to detect ray counter signals.
nearbyPlease grab the checkout form from the nearby counter
reversibleThe reversible counter can be used to keep track of items entering and leaving a system
cleanThe chef placed the prepped meal on the clean counter
windowlessThe man hid under the windowless counter to avoid being seen.
portableThe portable counter is lightweight and easy to carry.

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